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Metro Rod Hull, Lincolnshire, Peterborough Complete Vital Ducting Repair at the NHS Hospital Cancer Treatment Centre


As part of an upgrade of cancer treatment equipment at a UK hospital for the NHS (National Health Service), comprising the installation of a new Linear Accelerator used for radiotherapy treatment, buried underground ducting which is used to carry vital cabling for the new unit was inspected and found to be subject to groundwater infiltration and condensation. Metro Rod Hull Lincolnshire and Peterborough (HLP) was contracted to complete the works, given their leading expertise in drain repair and rehabilitation.

Given that the cabling for the treatment equipment carries a cost around £70,000 for 25 m it was decided that the ducts needed to either be replaced which was just not feasible, or rehabilitated to ensure that they remained water and airtight over the life expectancy of the radiotherapy unit. The former option was discounted due to the location of the ducts underground within the centre of the hospital building as this would have caused significant disruption and inconvenience to both the operation of the hospital and its patients.

Overcoming Unforeseen Complexity & Time Pressures

Metro Rod HLP engineers proposed an innovative renovation solution to rehabilitate the 4 x 20m long, 100mm diameter ducts. Given the nature of the equipment involved and the location of the ducts within the building and the ongoing Covid-19 emergency, the renovation operation had to be carried out using strict hygiene control methods and within a timeframe of 4 days to minimise the impact of the works on the hospital site.

Initial works involved the CCTV inspection of the four ducts to establish the current state of repair so that a long-term solution could be planned for the renovation operation. The CCTV survey showed that whilst two of the ducts were clear of obstruction, the other two had concrete deposits located within the duct run (Floor Screed) which would need to be removed before lining could take place.



Joining Forces To Go The Extra Mile

To achieve this, Metro Rod discussed the options with and ultimately brought into the operation CJ Kelly International Limited (CJK) (https://www.cjkelly.shop/) and Picote Solutions (https://www.picotesolutions.com/) in a joint-venture to provide the necessary equipment to complete the works on what was to become a high-profile job. Given the location in the middle of the hospital building, Health & Safety restrictions and the delicate nature of the incoming cancer treatment equipment, CJK and a Picote loaned brand-new, previously unused equipment to Metro Rod HLP so that no cross contamination from previous sites could be possible. This included a brush cleaning system, and a concrete removal tool, and a Maxi Miller unit (https://www.picotesolutions.com/maxi-miller)

On the first day of the works, the Maxi Miller with the concrete removal tool was used to first clear the concrete from the ducts in question over the course of a single 16-hour shift. This left just three days to clean the now concrete-free ducts and the remaining two ducts and line them with 100 mm diameter BRAWOLINER ® – a “no-dig” drain rehabilitation system – provided by CJK. Metro Rod (HLP) are one a few accredited installers of the BRAWOLINER ® innovative renovation solution, with over 18 years installation experience, and 100s of successful installations throughout the UK behind them; they are the only Accredited installer within the Metro Rod UK business network.



Drain Repair and Rehabilitation Engineering At Its Best

Given the sensitivity and high pressurised nature of the project, it was undertaken by Spencer Horsfield (Managing Director), and Robert Forsyth (Senior Technical Manager) – the most experienced lining personnel in this division of Metro Rod. Cleaning works were undertaken from both ends using vacuum suction to collect the inevitable dust that was going to be created, as the Picote machinery did its work, they slowly ate through the concrete, and eventually removed the obstructions, then finally removed all dust from the ducts.

The duct runs themselves had a round configuration, each starting with a vertical drop of approximately 1m, leading to an 18m long horizontal run and then a vertical rise at other end again about 1m. The Lining process could not use water and ambient curing options was also not feasible due to the project timings. Therefore CJK/Picote provided one of the new Picote Smart Heat systems to accelerate the curing times for the liners, which worked exceptionally well.

Picote’s Maxi Smart Heat is built on a light and rugged aluminum frame similar to that of the Maxi Miller with 30m of heating cable. The system is designed to speed up the ambient cure of CIPP liners by approximately 35%. Maxi Smart Heat is also a significant alternative to traditional heat curing methods, significantly reducing the amount of equipment required on-site and simplifying the CIPP liner curing process. Once the liner is inserted and inflated in the pipe or duct being renovated, the heating cable is inserted and the power turned on. The Rod heats up raising the temperature inside the lining thereby accelerating the curing process.


Going Above & Beyond With Special Care

Covid-19 regimes meant that every day the contractor’s crew was screened for symptoms prior to starting work and all equipment was spray disinfected / sterilised before and after use. The Metro Rod (HLP) team also had to work within a strict hygiene protocol during the course of the works.

The project was a great success and the Metro Rod (HLP) team was very proud to serve the NHS and deliver on quality workmanship, expert service and first class drainage service, and they were applauded by the maintenance management team of the Hospital, for their Above & Beyond efforts.

“Under normal circumstances this would not have been the easiest jobs anyway given the location within the hospital building and the sensitive nature of the treatment equipment being installed. But, added to this was the need to be particularly careful given the current and for now ongoing Covid situation. We have a long-term partnership with John and Martin at CJ Kelly and their ability and willingness, along with Picote, who gave us exceptional customer service, to ensure the best equipment was available to complete the works to the highest hygiene standards, is something we would always try to do for any of our clients if and when we can.” Spencer Horsfield, Managing Director – Metro Rod Hull, Lincolnshire & Peterborough


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