We are fully committed to servicing all customers in the current circumstances. Our engineers are working hard 24/7 to support all domestic and commercial customers.

Its easy to forget drains until problems arise; we are starting a revolution in the North East to show your drains some much needed TLC all year round with Pre-Planned Maintenance.


What’s Pre-Planned Maintenance?


Pre-Planned Maintenance is a productive approach to managing your drainage system by scheduling in necessary works on a regular basis. This reduces the risk of emergency problems that can result in costly damage to property and stock; in some cases, it can prevent loss of production and income due to unplanned closure.


A maintenance programme will be tailored to your individual needs following a free site visit from one of our operatives.


People assume having Pre-Planned Maintenance in place will be costly; we have found that it actually saves our clients’ money as well as time since they don’t have to inconvenience their operations due to emergency drainage problems.


Here are just a few examples of the maintenance works that we carry out for our customers around Newcastle, Morpeth and Alnwick:




If you have an interceptor it’s an environmental obligation to get your interceptor checked and skimmed where necessary so that there is no risk of oil pollution. Businesses are audited and need to provide proof that they are working to avoid pollution incidents and for proof of correct disposal.


Metro Rod North East have combination tankers and we provide our customers a comprehensive interceptor maintenance programme; we will attend site, skim the oil interceptor and issue them with an Environment Agency Waste Consignment Note. Waste will be disposed of according to environmental guidance.


Slot Drainage and Road Gullies


Car parks can cause huge headaches during heavy rainfall. Leaves and Debris will enter the gullies and slot drains in the car parks and if unattended to, will cause flooding which can be catastrophic to your business or your customers.


We will send our combination tankers to site to remove the debris and flush the system, ensuring that the drains are free flowing and will not flood during heavy rainfall. All waste will be disposed of in accordance with environmental guidance.


Descaling Urinals and Pipe Work


Uric acid builds up in urinal pipe work over time and the more frequently your facilities are used the more uric acid will build up. Regular cleans of the urinal pipework keeps the scale and uric acid at bay resulting in fewer emergency call outs. Emergency blockages can cause horrific smells and also put your toilets out of action which is always a major loss for businesses. Again, we find that maintenance is more cost effective than dealing with an emergency.

We tailor our services around you and attend when is convenient to your business and your customers to make sure that we will never affect trade.


Gutter Cleaning


Poor weather conditions result in leaves and debris entering your gutters causing them to block and not work effectively. Metro Rod North East have the answer – our innovative Metro Vac system. With 10 meters worth of reach and a built in camera for precision, our Metro Vac allows for easy access, minimises working from height and unnecessary mess.


Free Site Assessment


The above is just a fraction of the Pre-Planned Maintenance services that we offer our customers. We offer free site assessments where we can meet you to discuss your needs. No maintenance plan is too large or too small for us.


All of our engineers are DBS checked and trained to the highest of standards; their training certificates along with our Method Statements, Risk Assessments and insurance documents are all available on request.



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