In an attempt to keep the city streets clean, Luohu District has installed 30 of the pet bathrooms for a trial period, local paper the Shenzhen Daily reported. Eighty of them have been built already. More than 1,000 of them are slated for construction by the end of the year.The push is part of the new “civility laws” being rolled out this year, theNanfang.com reported.The doggie restrooms are about 10 square feet in size, and will be placed on “greenbelts” along the sidewalks and around parks.GlobalPost’s Senior Correspondent in Hong Kong, Benjamin Carlson says this is “one of many signs that China is, as in many other respects, becoming like the developed world in its intense — and widespread — fondness for pets.”

By Talia Ralph

Reactions to such additions to the city streets will naturally be mixed. Here at Metrorod Norwich we care for all kinds of toilet facilities and drainage systems across the Norfolk area. Please do let us know if we can assist you with yours.