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Wild Roots

29th March 2022

Wild Roots

Tree Root Ingress


My name is Cat and I work in the Marketing team at Metro Rod (Norwich). I love to get out of the office and visit the engineers on site, especially when the weather is on my side!

Todays visit was to a charming older property in a peaceful little village in Norfolk. The owners were experiencing overflowing manholes in their garden and didn't know why.

Surrounded by a pretty garden with ponds, landscaping, and many established trees. Our engineers attended the property to identify the cause of the overflowing manhole and carry out rectification works as required.

4 Min

Identify, Assess and repair

It soon became  evident that the cause of the issues was from tree roots.

As drainage specialists, our engineers advised the customer of the options available.

2 Min

A non-invasive method was decided on. Using a robotic tree root cutting machine the drains were cleared of roots. Our engineers then carried out a CCTV inspection of the pipework to see if there was any damage caused to the integrity of the drain by the roots.

1 MinTree root ingress cause long term issues, and it is important that they are removed. This is a common occurrence in an older drainage system. Roots will follow the path of least resistance and can gain entrance if the pipe has eroded or deteriorated over time. Even through the tiniest of cracks.

We offer several ways to tackle tree root ingress, including longer term solutions such as re-lining and complete or partial pipe replacement.

With the drains cleared using our mechanical cutting machine, lines jetted, roots removed, and a CCTV survey carried out. The customers were very pleased with the results.

Garden saved

3 Min

The drains were free flowing, and the  customer could rest assured that their drains were clear again and the garden saved.

With the garden saved and the CCTV survey completed. The engineers confirmed the lines were in good condition as had been lined previously.

Another happy customer for the lads!

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