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Here at Metro Rod Hull, Lincoln and Peterborough we have a team full of sports fanatics, mainly football! From our director Spencer who makes a consistent effort to be at as many Manchester United games as physically possible to our marketing ladies little boy who has just started football and spends hours playing in the garden with the office dogs when on his school holidays!

We have been trying to think of some way to help and give back to the community for some time now and wanted to find the right fit.  Though we do charity events and aim to change the charity we support yearly, this helps a much wider demographic.   We wanted something a little closer to home that we could nurture and watch grow with us.  So when we heard that one of our senior engineers and tanker driver Ben had been roped in to becoming his sons teams football coach, well we couldn’t have asked for a better fit!

Meet the Discovery Jets:

George!       Taylor!         Riley!          Ethan!     Alex           Harrison      Jacob          Veronica

Upfront          Upfront          Mid Field     Goalie       Defence        Defence           Mid-field       Mid-Field

 No- 3             No- 9               No –10         No- 1        No- 11           No- 4              No- 7              No– 5


Who are they?

The Discoveries are a junior football club with a few different teams that are separated by age range .  They focus on training the children on not just football but the reflexes, co-ordination, team work and sportsmanship that goes along with it.   Our team that we are sponsoring are the Discovery Jets and they are currently flying through the season with more often than not one of them going home with the ‘man of match’ trophy, that includes the girls in the team!  and we are looking forward to a terrific rest of season with them and many more to come after they strutted onto the pitch for the first time last weekend in their new kits!

Discovery Jets FC Metro Rod

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