We are fully committed to servicing all customers in the current circumstances. Our engineers are working hard 24/7 to support all domestic and commercial customers.

It goes without saying that here in Cornwall the hospitality and tourist sector is BIG business.  Whilst it’s great to welcome the influx of visitors, inevitably the increased demands on facilities takes its toll.  Drainage systems are especially prone to problems and when things go wrong, they are unpleasant, pose health and safety risks and can have costly impact on your reputation.  A solution is to stay one step ahead of emergencies with Pre-Planned Maintenance.

What Is Pre-Planned Maintenance?

Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM) is a programme of targeted drainage maintenance designed to prevent costly breakdowns and blockages.  A bespoke care system is designed to meet individual circumstances, at a time that suits you and your customers.

What Is Involved?

The process begins with a FREE site survey.  An engineer will discuss any previous problems, look at vulnerable areas, consider peak usage impacts and ways to avoid emergencies arising.

What’s Next?

Following the inspection, the engineer will outline recommendations with you.  Preventative maintenance is unique to individuals needs, but can include servicing of treatment plants, high power jetting, de-scaling and clearance of surface and foul water pipework.


The maintenance is designed to fit with the clients needs.  It’s entirely your choice when the work is carried out.  For example, if you run a holiday park you would most likely opt for a visit just before the holiday season begins.

How Often?

In many cases the servicing is carried out once or maybe twice a year.  However, if premises are prone to problems this can be increased to meet demands.  It’s all about what suits YOU and your business.

Further Help?

Our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have.  Just give our Truro office a call on 01872 870918.  We’ve been looking after Cornwall’s drainage systems for over 20 years, so there is a wealth of experience and knowledge right at the end of the phone!

Plan Ahead

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