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We all depend on a working toilet on a daily basis, so when it stops working try not to panic so you can figure out what is wrong.

When you first notice your toilet not flushing, don’t try again and again as this will aggravate the problem and probably make it worse. Obviously no one has the time to worry about a toilet that isn’t flushing, so with our pointers hopefully you will be able to solve the problem quickly and not let it ruin your day. With that in mind here are some of the most common reasons why your toilet may not be flushing. 

Blocked Toilet

The first reason why your toilet might not be flushing is because it is blocked. It can become blocked for a number of reasons, you may have potentially tried to flush something that is not designed to go down the toilet or you’ve used too much toilet paper. There are a couple of things you can do depending on the situation which you can read about here. 

Low Water Level in the Tank

Sometime you might not have a water source for whatever reason for example it might have been turned off, but if this is the case then your toilet won’t flush. You should check the valves and see if they’re turned off within the house if they were you can correct it, if not then contact your water supplier or Metro Rod Nottingham for more help. 

The Flapper is Broken or Damaged 

The rubber flapper in a toilet is what allows the flush to work, if you find that it is warped or broken then you’ll need it to be replaced in order to get your toilet working again. It is possible to do this yourself and buy a new flapper from a hardware store, but if you are having difficulties then one of our Metro Rod Engineers will be happy to help you. 

The Lifting Chain Becomes Stuck

The lifting chain is what will pull the flapper up to allow the toilet to flush, if it becomes too slack this will make it hard to work. Luckily you simply have to make it shorter and you will allow the flow of water to start again. 

If none of these reasons help you figure out why your toilet is not flushing, don’t worry, as luckily for you Metro Rod Nottingham are available 24/7 to help.


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