Electro-Mechanical Cleaner

8th January 2017 - in Aylesbury, Banbury, Bicester, High Wycombe, Oxford

We received a call on a Sunday from a popular high street clothing store in Banbury. They had a problem with their customer urinals leaking due to a blockage. We dispatched our on-call engineer Mark right away to fix this.

On arrival he found 3 urinals that were blocked. He removed the wall panels behind the urinals in order to make access and found the rodding point. This is a section of pipe with a removal cap that joins the main waste pipe in order to allow us to feed cables from our Electro-Mechanical Cleaner into the pipes. This is exactly what Mark did; he removed the cap and fed the EMC cable into the main pipe in order to disturb and break up the blockage. He removed several pieces of scale that he had been able to dislodge, and therefore he ascertained that this was the cause of the blockage. Scale build up is the number one cause of blockages in urinals, but it is one that does not take long to resolve—patience and a thorough clean of the pipes will remove the scale and allow the water to flow freely again.

Once the scale was removed Mark tested the flow and found it to be flowing freely through the pipes from all three previously blocked urinals.

He explained everything that he had done to the manager and this is what she had to say:

“Detailed explanation given and advised further action”

High Street Store in Banbury

Started on the second job at 10pm

8th January 2017 - in Aylesbury, Banbury, Bicester, High Wycombe, Oxford

We were called out to a job at a pub in Beaconsfield out of hours. Our on call engineer, Curtis, got to work at half past 8pm on a blocked urinal. He cleared the scale that had built up in the pipe using his electro-mechanical machine, after which he cleaned and disinfected the work area. While he was working he was asked about another job; evidentially the ladies loos and the disabled toilet were blocked as well. Of course Curtis was happy to stay on after clearing the urinals to clear the other drains, too. He started on the second job at 10pm. In this case, the pipes running from the ladies and the disabled toilet were blocked by too much paper, which was easy to clear. He then opened the manhole to check that it was clear afterwards and it was. Once again he cleaned and disinfected the work area.

The pub was very pleased that he was unperturbed by the second job and that he buckled down and got their drains flowing freely again and they had this to say about him:

“Job done quickly and efficiently. Good attitude.”


“Happy to take on additional job without hassle. Very helpful”

Pub in Beaconsfield

Rubble and Wet Wipes

8th January 2017 - in Aylesbury, Banbury, Bicester, High Wycombe, Oxford

We received a call on the late May Bank Holiday from a customer at home whose toilet was blocked and backing up. We sent out our on call engineer Mark to see what was going on.

Upon lifting the manhole, he immediately spotted that it was full to the brim with waste water. The blockage was being caused by a mixture of rubble and wet wipes and he used his Gully Grab to remove them; this is a nifty device that consists of a long pole with a hinged scoop on the end. Once Mark had cleared what he could of the wipes and rubble he was able to use his high pressure water jetter. Because there was still a collection of debris in the drain he added a special nozzle to his jetting hose, which is called a warthog nozzle. The warthog is a much more versatile than the average nozzle: the nozzle shoots jets of water as usual, but because they shoot out at differing angles the force of the jets rotate the nozzle, which in turn breaks up compacted debris making it capable of cutting out wipes, fat, scale and so forth. In this case, the warthog made short work of the blockage in the pipes and soon the pipe was clear of all debris.

Once the drain was cleared Mark replaced the manhole lid and washed and disinfected the area. He kept the customer informed through and received this response to his hard work:

“Very professional tradesman and has done a great job!”

Well done Mark

M. Westcott

Friendly and happy

8th January 2017 - in Aylesbury, Banbury, Bicester, High Wycombe, Oxford

We received a call before the holidays from a cinema in Oxford to come and check the toilet waste pipes. They wanted to ensure that the pipework was clean and clear before they hit a busy period when a toilet (or many) out of commission would be hardest felt. This is a very sensible way to treat the drainage in a business, as we can schedule planned maintenance around their opening hours in order to minimise any disruption to the working day. Naturally emergency work has to be done as soon as possible and so can be disruptive.

So, we sent out Jonny and Curtis to attend site early in the morning before the cinema opened in order to check the waste pipes. As it happens, there was a significant build up of scale in some of the pipes. Scale build up is a very common factor in waste pipes and even a small amount can cause problems, as it can narrow the diameter of the pipe or it can cause paper to get stuck, leading to a blockage. The cinema were right to have called us, as Jonny and Curtis were able to clear the scale from the pipes using the Portable High Pressure Water Jetter. They ensured the scale was removed and then tested the flow to ensure it was free flowing, which it was. They then cleaned and disinfected their working area.

When they had arrived on site, it was reported to them that there was a blocked toilet which they were asked to clear as well as the initial job. Naturally they were more than happy to unblock this toilet in addition to their descale task.

The customer had this to say about them:

“Very efficient. Friendly and happy to fix other issues!”

Well done guys! And remember, PPMs (planned preventative maintenance) can be scheduled in to suit your work needs and can be booked as a one off or set up as a recurring clean and clear, whether that be annual, bi-annual or even monthly.

Cinema in Oxford