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26th July 2021


A burst pipe may require quick thinking to prevent further damage and so that the drain repair is a simpler one. 

Over time drains will undergo a lot of stress and wear and tear which may result in damage and in some cases can cause the pipes to weaken so they crack and burst. 

What to do when a pipe bursts? 

If you suspect you have a burst pipe, you should turn of the water supply first and foremost to prevent the situation getting worse and creating more damage. Drain all the water out from the system by turning on the taps and letting them run dry. You should then contact Metro Rod Nottingham using the information below who will be able to assist you further. 

Signs of a Burst Drain

Not all burst pipes will cause flooding in your home or property, sometimes it can result in a slow leak that can cause damage. These are 5 of the common and serious signs of a burst pipe or drain. 

  1. Water pressure fluctuating - you shouldn’t always assume that when water pressure goes up and down its the providers fault as it could be a burst pipe changing the pressure.
  2. Rotten egg smell - this sign is always cause for concern, a burst pipe can release the natural gas hydrogen sulphide which forms in sewer lines. If this is the case for you, call Metro Rod Nottingham for professional help.
  3. You can hear the water - if there isn’t any water running in your property, yet you can still hear it, this may be water escaping from leaky pipes. So if you notice any hissing or gurgling then you should contact Metro Rod
  4. Puddles of water - if there are puddles of water forming in your home or property this would indicate a leak or the pipe has burst.
  5. Bills are higher than usual - a dripping tap can end up wasting huge amounts of water, so if you have a leaking or burst pipe it could greatly increase you water bill.

Drain Repairs

Of course if you have a burst pipe you should call the professionals as soon as possible, Metro Rod Nottingham have a team of highly qualified and trained engineers who are fully equipped to help you when you have a burst pipe. Our drain repairs require minimal disruption to your property so where possible we will use no-dig and trenchless repairs to fix your burst pipe. 

Whatever you have planned over the next coming months make sure you think about your drains and pipes so they don’t become damaged and a nuisance. 


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