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A Guide To CCTV Drainage Surveys

6th November 2018

A Guide To CCTV Drainage Surveys

What is a CCTV drainage survey?

In basic terms it is a detailed survey of a drainage system using specialist camera equipment.  The waterproof camera is fed through the drains using feeder rods. Live images are then relayed back to the operator allowing a comprehensive inspection of all pipework.

When might a drainage survey be required?

There are numerous instances when a drainage survey may be necessary, but they largely fall into the following categories:

Homebuyer Survey.

A drainage survey prior to the purchase of a property can be highly beneficial.  Whilst a building survey can identify any structural problems it cannot report on what is happening underground with a drainage system.  Homebuyers surveys are increasingly becoming a “must have” to give purchasers the re-assurance that there are no existing or potential problems with the property’s drainage system.  Problems identified can be rectified or negotiated upon prior to the purchase being finalised.

Build over Survey. 

This is a survey undertaken as part of a building project.  They can be necessary on all types of development from extensions to new builds.  They will be called for when the project involves building over or within 3 metres of a water authority sewage pipe or lateral drain.  It is important that before any development is started you establish if there are any sewers or lateral drains on your land.  Their location can affect design, position and size of a build.  It’s therefore advisable to establish their location at the outset of the project.  If they are located within the planned development consent will be required from the water authority and this will be where a CCTV survey is necessary.  Detailed advice on how to establish the location of sewer pipes and obtaining water authority consent can be found here.

Investigation of faults or damage.

Drainage faults can take several years to manifest, and the first signs of problems can be slow flow rates, bad smells, or blockages.  Whilst many problems can be easily identified with a visual inspection in some instances the issue can be underground and requires a more in-depth investigation.  Faults can include:

  • Collapse
  • Displaced joints
  • Vermin infestation
  • Root ingress
  • Blockages
  • Scale build up

A CCTV survey is a quick, non-invasive and simple way to establish faults in underground pipework.

Why choose Metro Rod for a CCTV survey? 

Here at Metro Rod Cornwall we use the iTouch Live CCTV system. This state-of-the-art equipment allows the survey to be streamed directly to our local office (and clients) via a web portal.   This enables our experts to begin analysing the data before the engineer has even packed up and left the site! Thus, the process is extremely fast and efficient.  The web portal remains active indefinitely so can be referred to at any time by the customer, builder, local water authority or insurer.   For those that prefer, we are also able to provide the report in DVD or paper format.  Our engineers are qualified and trained to the latest industry standards and are of course fully insured.

Want to find out more?

We are always happy to discuss any drainage concerns you may have, and our experts have over 20 years’ experience in the drainage sector.  If you are considering a CCTV drainage survey, we will be more then happy to discuss your requirements enabling you to make an informed decision.  There’s no charge for a chat so why not give our Truro office a call to find out more.  Just call 01872 870918 and ask for Gary.





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