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Asset Mapping VS Drain Mapping

13th June 2022

Asset Mapping VS Drain Mapping

Both asset mapping and drain mapping create comprehensive maps of your drains.

Drain and asset mapping go hand in hand in order to create a full picture of your drainage system.

Asset Mapping:

Asset mapping takes the GPS coordinates of all above-ground assets including manholes, gullies, and interceptors.

The GPS mapping stick logs the location and condition of the manholes/gullies and transmits them seamlessly into the inspection software from a distance of up to 1,500 feet. This allows for client-driven bespoke data collection.

We provide a variety of report formats including PDF, Data Spreadsheet, and fully functional Google Earth Overlay.

There are many key features to asset mapping, for example:
- Fast efficient digital data collection.
- Minimal disruption to the site.
- Data collection designed to meet client requirements.
- Cutting-edge GPS technology allows accuracy up to 2cm.
- Coordinates using OSGM15
- Efficient delivery of reports

Drain Mapping:

Drain mapping begins with basic investigative work that includes walking the site and using technical knowledge and experience to find manholes. Secondly, our engineers have to identify how the drainage system connects, where the water flows to and from, and where the drainage outfalls are located.

Metro Rod uses superior drainage survey equipment to trace a variety of assets, for example:
-Underground pipes
-Mapping connections
-Assessing conditions
-Pinpointing within a few millimetres.

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Why do I need Mapping?

Drain and asset mapping are important in the full picture of the drainage system. It includes details such as internal and external drain connections, direction of flowing water, and where chambers and manhole covers are found. The surveys will give a better understanding of the functions of your drainage network, creating a more informed position going forward.

Drainage systems boundaries can also be figured out from drain mapping. This is important as it establishes what you’re responsible for on your property.

The most common reason for drain and/or asset mapping is building work.

Before the start of building work on any property, drain and asset mapping should be completed. This will help avoid unnecessary damage to your drains. The accurate location and depth of your drains can be used to inform or change the plans before any excavation begins.

Drain and asset mapping can also be required to manage flood risks and for pollution prevention.


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