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Bad smell from your drains here in London !? ….. Metro Rod have the answer

4th July 2022

Bad smell from your drains here in London !?  ….. Metro Rod have the answer


WithBad Smells Drain London


The warmer summer weather is always welcome here in London but it does have some disadvantages...one of which can often be the appearance of unpleasant smells from your building's drainage system.

If this happens you can at least reflect that you are following on in a London tradition !! Indeed it was the "Great Stink" experienced in the hot summer of 1858 that led to the commissioning of the current system of underground sewers in London under the supervision of the great Victorian engineer Joseph Bazalgette. The blocked drains cleared every day by Metro Rod Central London still ultimately discharge into these sewers today.

Don't tolerate a stink in 2022 , whether "Great" or otherwise. Metro Rod's skilled drainage engineers are on hand 24/7 to swiftly diagnose. locate and correct the causes of any bad smell which your business or residential property in London is experiencing. Using electro-mechanical drain cleaning technology and/or high pressure water jetting systems our engineers will soon have your drainage system free-flowing, clean and hygienic.

Our customers across London include "

  1. Property Managers
  2. Facilities Managers
  3. Housing providers and residential property owners
  4. Restaurants, hotels, cafes and other hospitality providers
  5.  Hospitals and clinics
  6. Sports and leisure facilities
  7. Offices and workplaces of all types
  8. Construction sites ...who particularly use our expert CCTV survey capabilities


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Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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