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Metro Rod handle full scale of London blocked drains !

1st September 2022

Metro Rod handle full scale of London blocked drains  !

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Metro Rod's drainage engineers diagnose. locate and clear blockages in site drainage systems for our customers every hour of every day here in London keeping businesses operational and residential properties habitable.

The perception is perhaps that a blocked drain is typically caused by the introduction of inappropriate materials into drain pipework. Certainly this can be the case with examples ranging from accumulation of non-soluble wet-wipes or build up of "fatbergs" from food-preparation waste through to rubble arising from construction works.

However there is also a more gradual and "invisible" common cause of blockages in drain pipework, particularly in the drainage systems with high usage such as those found in London office blocks, hotels, restaurants, sports and leisure facilities, stores, museums and other buildings with high footfall. This is the gradual and progressive build-up of SCALE within the pipework which, if unchecked, will reduce the diameter of pipes and soil stacks and , ultimately, cause blockages which can have disastrous consequences.

Take a look at the photograph above showing the extent of build up of scale found by Metro Rod drainage engineers in one London office block's internal pipework  this summer .....this rendered the building uninhabitable with attendant severe costs for the business.

So what is SCALE and what causes it to build up ?

Water has minerals, like calcium, potassium, and magnesium, floating in it, as does urine, and these minerals are the main cause of scale formation in pipes. In other words formation of scale is pretty much inevitable over time and this means regular inspection and cleaning of your drainage system is an essential part of any building's maintenance regime.

How can Metro Rod help ?  

A planned maintenance visit can set your mind at rest by ensuring your building's drainage system remains clear and free-flowing with no risk of interruption to your business by virtue of blocked pipework or drains. Our CCTV technology enables inspection of pipework and our electro-mechanical drain cleaning and high pressure water jetting equipment means even the most stubborn blockages and scale build-up can be eradicated.


Don't leave things to chance and let drainage issues cause you "large-scale problems". Call us at Metro Rod Central London on 0203 875 6780 to discuss how we can provide peace of mind.

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Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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