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26th October 2021


No matter where you live it’s always a good idea to know the flood risk so you can stay prepared for any eventuality.


Whether it’s torrential rainstorms, burst water pipes, or blocked drains flooding water can be detrimental to your home. But by preparing for the worst and having a plan of action ready you could significantly decrease the impact of bad weather. No matter if it’s water coming from outside or from pipes inside the property, you should be fully prepared to tackle the situation.

Before a Flood

  • By knowing your areas flood risk could be the difference between being prepared and protected and being caught off guard. 
  • Insurance is one thing you should consider if you are at risk of flooding, by checking your insurance policy and knowing what you are entitled to can help put you at ease in case the worst does happen and your property becomes damaged. However, it is always better to prevent damage and flooding rather than respond to it. 
  • So if you know you are at risk of flooding during bad weather, stocking up on sandbags can prove useful at stopping water enter your home. 
  • Another thing that can help is looking at the plants and foliage around your home, by having plantings you can reduce the risk of mudslides and flooding. But you should avoid having plants near the drains, as the roots could disrupt the draining of water.

Surface Water Flooding 

After heavy rainfall or snowfall you may start to see a lot of surface water pooling in areas where it cannot drain away. This could be because of blocked drains, waterlogged soil or too much stress on the drains. This can cause you some problems that you should be aware of:

  • Create a hazard on paved surfaces as they become slippery and moss may start to grow adding to this.
  • Cause structural problems to fences, buildings, sheds if subjected to prolonged water exposure. 
  • Damage to your gardens, lawns and vegetation.

How to Prevent Surface Water Flooding Damaging Your Property 

  • Clear out your gutters - gutters throughout autumn and winter can become clogged with falling leaves which will block and prevent water from draining away. If they do become blocked then the gutters will fail at taking water away from your home and could make you more at risk of flooding. 
  • Keep drains clear - it’s not just gutters that are at risk of becoming blocked, but also drains on the ground. You’ll want to check your uncovered drains throughout autumn and after big storms as leaves and other debris can fall in and clog up the flow of water. We recommend wearing gloves and lifting out any debris in these drains and dispose of them a better way. 


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