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Bath Bombs and Your Drains | Metro Rod Deeside Chester

27th September 2019

Bath Bombs and Your Drains | Metro Rod Deeside Chester

There is nothing better than after a long day of being in work, than getting home, pouring yourself a nice glass of wine and a warm, bubbly bath! With the rise of products now available for personal health care, we thought we'd look into a few and how they can affect your drains. In particular, we're going to focus on bath bombs.

Those little fizzy balls that can help you relax could actually be harmful for your drains! How, you might ask? Pay attention class, it's time for a lesson!


What makes a bath bomb?

Bath bombs core ingredients are baking soda (this creates the fizz), bubble mix, citric acid and a mix of essential oils. These oils create that luscious smell. You may also find glitter, dried petals, and other fancy tidbits lurking in there too. All is well and good when you're soaking out those aches and pains of the day, certain ingredients in there can cause you blocked drains!

Lets break it down! Those essential oils, whilst they may smell nice, are a big contributor to blocking pipework in your tub. When warm oils cool in the pipes, they solidifying against the walls and create a scum like substance. If you're using bath bombs often, this layer of dried oil will thicken and eventually block the pipe altogether.

Now, add in those particles of glitter and petals. These can add to this wall of oil and you've certainly got a recipe for disaster!

The salts in your bath bomb can also contribute to blocking up your pipework! Sometimes, dependent on the type of salts used, they don't completely dissolve. If they catch on hair or any other debris in your pipes, you've got another contributor to that blocked pipework.

Fizzy Wonders - Those Bath Bombs Could Be Causing Your Blocked Drains!

Fizzy Wonders - Those Bath Bombs Could Be Causing Your Blocked Drains!

How can you combat all this?

We've got some handy tips to help you carry on enjoying those bath bombs! All without destroying your drains, too!

  • Cover your bath bomb in a muslin cloth - if you wrap you bath bomb in a muslin cloth, you'll still get the desired fizzing and bubbles, but you'll trap in those particles of salt and debris whihc can clog up your drain. You'll also still get the desired oils, when the bath bomb is completely dissolved, open the muslin and tip out any salts/debris. Once you've done this, swirl the fabric piece around your bath water before you empty it. Due to the nature of the fabric it will collect any oils sat at the surface!
  • Additionally, you can use our handy DIY guide here on how to keep your drains clear by using household items!


And if all else fails... Call your Local Drainage Experts at Metro Rod Deeside!

Our specially trained engineers come across issues with plumbing, pipework and blocked drains on a daily basis. So, we're equipped to help get your drains flowing freely again!

For that pipework that has become clogged with oil, we have our handy Electro-Mechanical Cleaners (EMC) a special drill type tool which gets right down into the pipe to clear it from the inside! We have so much more we can offer to help ensure that your pipework is kept free flowing for evermore!

Also, take a look at our full list of services head here and take a look at how we at Metro Rod Deeside can help you!

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