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Blocked drain in London ? Metro Rod have concrete solutions

24th April 2019

Blocked drain in London ? Metro Rod have concrete solutions

Blocked drain London Metro Rod

London's drains see incredibly high usage as they serve a capital city with a population of over 8 million people and visited by an estimated 30 million tourists each year. By providing drain care across London, clearing blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked sinks and other drainage emergencies we at Metro Rod Central London get satisfaction from knowing that we help keep business and the economy running smoothly.

With an area of operation covering not only the West End and City of London but surrounding areas from Stratford to Dulwuch, from Camden to Knightsbridge and from Notting Hill to Ealing Metro Rod provides London business and residents with a responsive, professional and reliable drain care and repair service...whatever your drainage issue, from a blocked drain to the need for a CCTV drain survey or drain repair.

Given the density of people and activity in London it is perhaps not surprising that it's predominantly Victorian range of drains and sewers at times come under strain from extreme events causing blockages. This week has seen news coverage for one such which highlights in the most dramatic form what can happen when drains are mis-used and unwelcome objects or substances introduced into the drain network.

You can read more by, clicking here, about the monster "concreteberg" which has recently been discovered in London's sewers. Described graphically as "weighing as much as 20 elephants" this mass of concrete beneath Islington with cost c£150,000 to remover and restore effective drainage.

The cause of this problem is concrete being poured into the drain network and so much of our work at Metro Rod involves unblocking drains due to the build up of unwelcome materials in drains. Chief among these are:

Fat, oils and grease

Food and Beverage Establishments in London generate literally tons of cooking oil, grease and food wastes every year. If this waste is not managed properly, it can cause major environmental problems. Animal and vegetable -based oil and grease often enter the drain system in the liquid form. Once in the wastewater collection system these fats, oils and grease cool and solidify. Grease will cling to drain and sewer pipes and ultimately cause blockages. "Fat-bergs" have received much publicity recently and are common causes of blocked drains in London unless drains are regularly cleaned.

Many of our high-usage customer sites in London now take advantage of our pre-planned maintenance service in order to ensure that drains are regularly cleaned in order to avoid costly business down time caused by blocked drains

Wet wipes 

These are another drain-blocker which has featured in the news recently with so-called "flushable" wet-wipes often being non-soluble and therefore accumulating within drains. Indeed "fat-bergs" often contain large quantities of wet-wipes and sanitary products  bound together by solidified fat,oil and grease  Toilet paper is the only non-human product which should be flushed down your toilet.

Metro Rod Central London offer you concrete solutions to any drainage issue

Metro Rod's high pressure water jetting and electro-mechanical drain cleaning tools mean that even the most stubborn blockage...and yes even concrete.....can be quickly and effectively cleared from your site drains. Where emergencies occur you can rely on us for a rapid resolution. If prevention rather than cure is on your agenda in order to keep your business running smoothly at all times, our pre-planned maintenance programmes are recognised by Facilities Managers and Property Managers across London as the most effective way of professionally managing your site's drain care. We will assess your site completely free of charge and without obligation.

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