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Cold weather and frozen drains and pipes

31st December 2020

Cold weather and frozen drains and pipes


When temperatures dip below freezing there can be potential dangers to your drains and pipes. Here are some clogged drain causes and what to do about each issue.

Drains can block at any time of the year with a build up of debris including fallen leaves, hair and oil and grease. There is an increase risk of this when the weather starts to get colder, in cold weather oil and grease stiffens making it more likely to block the drains. With the excess of water and slush in low temperatures, your drains will likely get clogged. The build-up of water will freeze in cold weather and lead to frozen pipes. Frozen pipes burst and cause flooding which nobody wants to be dealing with in freezing temperatures!

Some tips to avoid this happening:

  • Keep the heating on, if your going away or have an empty house make sure that the heat is kept on in the property
  • Seal up Cracks and Holes. Seal gaps around holes where pipes run through walls or floors, especially where the hole is letting in cold air.
  • Apply Heating Tape. Heating tape works like an electric blanket for pipes, supplying heat directly to the pipe to keep it warm during cold spells.
  • Keep interior doors open
  • Add extra insulation in areas like basement and attics, pipes can be fitted with rubber or fiberglass to decrease the chances of freezing

How to unfreeze a pipe or drain

  • Poor hot water down – make sure its not boiling
  • Poor salt water into your drain or backed up sink
  • Use a hairdryer and move it back and forth along the pipe (do not use a blow torch or open flame)

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