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Common Drainage Problems in Hot Weather

14th June 2022

Common Drainage Problems in Hot Weather

Most people associate blocked drains with cold and wet weather, however, summer comes with its own drainage problems.

Hot weather drainage problems:

  1. Hot Pipes - Most drainage pipes are made of plastic. As pipes are often exposed to the outside in very hot weather the plastic pipes can fracture and crack.
  2. Plant Root Ingress - Plant roots grow down and can work their way into cracks of all shapes and sizes while looking for nutrients to grow. As the roots grow, the cracks will expand and they can impede your drain flow. There is not a lot you can do to prevent this from happening, except keep your plants in pots or well defined borders.
  3. Clogged Drains - Although these can happen any time of year, it’s often the smell we notice first due to the heat. The heat can encourage bacteria to grow and make the smell from any food scraps or other debris  much worse. To avoid this, make sure to bin food waste and do not pour cooking oil, fat or grease down the sink.
  4. Slow Clearing Drains - The most common time for shower and bath unblocking callouts is summertime. This is because we are more likely to take extra showers in the warmer weather to stay cool and hygienic. The most common cause of slow draining is usually hair, fluff and sometimes sand and stones from the beach blocking the pipes.
  5. Outdoor Drain Debris - Growing plants, trees and bushes have to be trimmed or sometimes shed. Whether it's leaves or debris it  can easily get washed into our drains from the street. Especially if there are flash rain storms that are common in hot weather.
  6. Leaking Pipe - Leaks are more likely to happen when your pipes and drains are undergoing more use than usual. For example, in the summer we are using the hosepipe, sprinklers and filling up pools unlike most months. To ease strain off your mains water, you could install a water butt which collects rainwater.

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The Best Time for Drain Maintenance? The Summer!

Brighter and dryer days are much easier conditions to complete maintenance of any kind, especially drainage. Lack of delays caused by rain or wind make scheduling maintenance easy.

With winter brining dangers of freezing, flooding and other conditions that make maintenance work harder and more expensive it certainly makes sense to catch drainage problems before the wet weather sets in. On the other hand, when the weather is extremely hot clogged drains can become a serious issue for germs and mould. Therefore, it is best to have your drainage problems fixed before the weather is too hot in the summer.

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