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Criminal drain maintenance neglect ? Call Metro Rod in London

25th February 2019

Criminal drain maintenance neglect ? Call Metro Rod in London

London drain crime scene

A blocked drain, blocked toilet or defective urinal can be hugely disruptive as any London Property Manager, Facilities Manager or business owner knows. The impact on customer service, perception and hygiene is very damaging and , at worst case, can even lead to the closure of a business, with resultant loss of revenue, until the issue is resolved.

It's not far wrong to say that it's criminal to neglect drain care and the "crime scene" greeting one of Metro Rod Central London's drainage engineers last week, when called out to a pair of blocked urinals, emphasised this point !

Fortunately our activities are squarely in the field of unblocking drains, cleaning drains, CCTV survey of drains and repairing drains in London rather than having to deal with the problems of crime in London but nevertheless the photograph above does act as a reminder not to commit the "crime" of neglecting to have your site drains regularly cleaned in order to ensure that you can avoid the inconvenience of an unexpected blockage.

A Metro Rod pre-planned maintenance programme will protect you against drainage problems in the same way that locking your doors and having a burglar alarm fitted will make it vastly more likely that you will not be a victim of crime. The process can start today for you by contacting us and arranging for a free initial site assessment visit. This will enable us to take a good look at your premises and assess with accuracy how to best maintain your site drainage with regard to the technical solutions which are possible and taking account of your realistic budget.

An annual visit can typically be sufficient though for very high usage sites, and premises in particular sectors such as the restaurant industry where drains are susceptible to build up of FOG (fats,oil and grease) it my be that more regular visits are required. At Metro Rod Central London we understand that your premises and business are circumstances are unique and we work with you to find the most appropriate drain care solution for you.

Core services in a pre-planned drain maintenance visit in London are usually :

  • Electro-mechanical cleaning of internal pipework and vertical drainage"stacks" in multi-level buildings
  • High pressure water jetting of external drains accessed via manholes (we can also use hand-carried mini-jetters internally where required)
  • Cleaning of eternal channel drains in car-parks etc. This type of drain is highly susceptible to blockage by build up of silt, leaves and other debris unless regularly cleaned
  • Emptying of grease traps and petrol interceptors using a tanker where necessary to ensure safe removal of waste even in larger volume facilities.
  • Cleaning of roof channels and gutters

All work is carried out safely and at a time convenient to you by our fully qualified and accredited team of drainage engineers. The hectic London environment is where we thrive and we have the expertise and experience to work even in the most challenging or prestigious locations in the busy capital city.

It's a crime to put your business's reputation and income-stream at risk because of drainage problems. Call us now to talk about how we can help you !

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by emailing us on [email protected]

Going to our website; www.metrorod.co.uk/local/london/

or connecting with Gary, our Commercial Director on Linked In

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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