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Customer Priorities drive Metro Rod’s drain care and repair in London

28th May 2019

Customer Priorities drive Metro Rod’s drain care and repair in London

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Blocked drain clearance in London is very much an every day, every hour event  for Metro Rod's skilled drainage engineers and it would perhaps be easy to become complacent about our service standards in this scenario. However at Metro Rod we are constantly aware that our commercial and residential customers in London have a choice about which drainage company to use . With this in mind we continuously strive to provide a drain care service which is on YOUR agenda as a customer, whether you are a Facilities Manager, a Property Manager, a Maintenance Manager, a business owner or a homeowner in London.

How do we know what our customers want ? Because we ask them !.....both informally when we speak with them every day and formally by reviewing the results of our Metro Rod customer surveys, Based on this feedback we think we can provide some compelling reasons why London should choose Metro Rod for :

  • Blocked drain and blocked toilet reactive unblocking
  • Pre-planned maintenance cleans of building and site drainage systems
  • CCTV drain survey
  • Drain repair
  • Tanker services

Metro Rod prioritise what London property owners and businesses tell us is important to THEM :

Fast Response : In London's hectic and economically vibrant environment we know you don't want to be held up or have your business interrupted by a drainage problem. Our schedulers and drainage engineers will work hard to get to your site FAST and resolve your issue as quickly as possible. We attend over 80% of jobs within 4 hours and, in critical emergency cases, will often be well inside this timescale.

24/7 availability : Blocked toilets in your London pub at 10pm on a busy night ? We are contactable. Crisis in your Knightsbridge restaurant from a blocked drain at peak time on a busy Friday ? We are contactable.  No toilet facilities in a residential block in Ealing on Christmas Eve ?...we are contactable. Metro ROd acts as an emergency service for your drains.

Professional Service : Our skilled and fully accredited drainage engineers are experts in drain care in London. They will quickly diagnose your drainage problem and identify the most appropriate solution. We have invested in the latest drain cleaning and CCTV drain survey technology and can complete drain repair using "no-dig" technology which avoids the need for costly excavation wherever possible.  Our tankers provide an additional level of service in support of our fleet of drainage vans where volumes of liquid waste require removal, for example emptying grease traps, interceptors and septic tanks. You can rely on Metro Rod for a skilled and professional drain care and repair service in London.

First Time Fix : All our engineers carry both high pressure water jetting and electro-mechanical cleaning equipment giving them the ability to quickly clear the large majority of blocked drain issues. 83% of issues are resolved first time, often within an hour, saving our customers' money.

Communication Throughout : The Metro Rod online job-tracking system, connected with our drainage engineers phones on-site, ensures that we are able to give you accurate information, including photographs and drain survey video, from site. Our schedulers work hard to provide the best service and communication to our customers and have been nationally recognised by Metro Rod for their work.

Value for Money : We believe in offering a great service at a fair price and you will not find any "hidden extras" with Metro Rod in London, simply a straightforward hourly rate for time we actually spend on site. We will also provide a free initial site assessment and quote for pre-planned maintenance, CCTV drain survey and drain repair works.

Why not experience Metro Rod Central London’s great customer service for yourself ?

If you need any drainage services from Metro Rod, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact us on:

0203 8756780

by emailing us on [email protected]

Going to our website; www.metrorod.co.uk/local/central-london/

or connecting with Gary, our Commercial Director on Linked In

We look forward to hearing from you soon!




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