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Don’t let your Christmas dinner go down the drain

16th December 2020

Don’t let your Christmas dinner go down the drain


It’s almost Christmas and let’s be honest one of the best things about it is the food. Even though Christmas is likely to look a little different this year… Turkey with all the trimmings, stuffing and goose fat will still be the order of the day. These are just three of our festive dinner favourites that will potentially block millions of drains in the UK this year!

As many of us make plans for a downsized Christmas, the festive favourite turkey will be dressed to impress a much smaller crowd. That means there will be plenty of leftovers and with Christmas food at excess… it’s a recipe for disaster for our drains. It’s inevitable that food will end up down there, but how much of it really depends on the great Norfolk public.

It might seem harmless when you’re doing it, but fat, oil and grease quickly solidifies when it cools and sticks to the sides of our drains and sewers, forming a concrete-like solid that attracts other debris, eventually causing a blockage.

With nowhere to go, waste water backs up, coming out of drains and sewers in roads or even into homes, and nobody wants a flooded house for Christmas.

Here are some of our top tips for avoiding festive fatbergs:

  • Empty all leftovers into the bin
  • Use sink strainers and empty the contents into the bin
  • Collect all excess oil in a suitable container to dispose of in a bin
  • Let the fat in the baking trays cool completely before scraping it out and throwing it in the bin
  • Wipe down your dishes with a kitchen towel before loading the dishwasher or doing the washing up


Should things go wrong we will be working right through the festive period, even including Christmas and New Years day, so should a problem arise you have peace of mind in knowing that a friendly Metro Rod engineer is just a phone call away.

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Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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