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Don’t let your London drainage issues STACK up until they are off-the-SCALE

26th November 2019

Don’t let your London drainage issues STACK up until they are off-the-SCALE

Stack Pipe London Drain With Scale


Drainage systems in London office blocks and multi-storey buildings see some heavy usage with toilet facilities, sinks and catering facilities in pretty much constant usage. At Metro Rod Central London , as part of our drain care service, we clean internal pipework for Property Managers, Facilities Managers and business owners in many large buildings across the capital and this has given us a clear, and at times frightening, insight into the dangers of not having a regular drain maintenance clean regime in place.

Typically drainage systems in Central London buildings will comprise branch lines on each floor linking toilets, sinks, showers etc directly into vertical stack pipes which carry foul waste directly into the ground drainage and sewer system. As the photograph of one stack pipe we recently cleaned for a London office Facilities Manager  this pipework will, unless regularly cleaned, gradually reduce in diameter as scale and other debris such as fats, oils and grease from cooking or inappropriately introduced materials like wet-wipes, accumulates inside the drain pipework.

Scale is the term for the build up of deposits in drainage systems, usually either from uric crystals or limescale from London's hard water. These deposits settle out-of-sight on the inside of drainpipes across London and can be extremely stubborn to remove, regardless of whether they are uric scale or calcium deposits. Once present, they automatically start to attract and collect more scale and drain-pipe capacity can be very severely reduced.end up with a drainpipe that is working at less than optimal capacity. Pipe diameter can be shrunk by half even over the course of a calendar year in some cases and have regularly seen cases of scaling of 70, 80 or even 90% of the drain pipe diameter.

London Blocked Drain Stack Pipe


Slow draining sinks, toilets backing-up, urinals blocking, bad smells, leaks and flooding are all manifestations of the drainage problems which can, and will, arise unless drain maintenance cleans are carried out. Not paying attention to this is certainly a false economy given some of the scenarios which we have seen where ultimately business disruption, financial loss and costly rectification is needed because a building's drainage system has ceased to function effectively because of build up of scale and other undesirable material inside the pipework.

Fortunately at Metro Rod Central London we can prevent this happening to you. We are experts in drain care and devising planned maintenance programmes appropriate for your business and your building in London. We carry out electro-mechanical cleaning, high pressure water jetting and tanker works which can clear even the most entrenched and stubborn blockage....just look at the piece of scale in the photograph below which was typical of the material removed from pipework on one recent job.

Blocked Drain Scale London


In this instance serious problems and business interruption occurred because maintenance cleaning had been neglected. Metro Rod were able to restore the building to working order through a concerted effort but it was impossible to avoid some element of disruption, additional cost and inconvenience in such a "crisis" situation.

Don't let problems stack up in your drains. Contact us today for a free initial site assessment of an appropriate pre-planned maintenance programme to keep your building's drains free-flowing and problem free.

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