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Drain Care and Repair for Elderly Customers

15th September 2020

Drain Care and Repair for Elderly Customers

The UK has an ageing population. According to the Office of National Statistics by 2068, there are likely to be an additional 8.6 million people aged 65 years and over. For comparison's sake, that's around as many people as there are living in London today. What has that got to do with drainage you ask? Well, not a lot really, but it does mean that there will be a vast population of elderly customers who are potentially vulnerable to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors and we wanted to take a moment to highlight what we do differently so you know you and your relatives are always safe with us at Metro Rod Oxford.


Booking a Job for an Elderly Relative

You want the best care for your elderly relatives, whether they be your parent, aunt/uncle or grandparent, or even a neighbour who needs a little more help than most when it comes to booking a job with a contractor. At Metro Rod Oxford we are more than happy to take bookings from a relative and to liaise with them to complete any works required. We understand that this can complicate matters if you are requesting assistance on behalf of someone else as that can mean making plans around your schedule and the schedule of the homeowner, but we are always flexible to your needs.


Our Guarantee

Although it can happen to anyone, the elderly are often more at risk of being the victims of fraud. This often takes the form of online or telephone activity, however, they are also at risk of falling victim to cowboy builders or contractors charging over and above for basic work. That is not the case with Metro Rod Oxford: not only will we gladly liaise with the customer and/or someone appointed to manage their booking as mentioned above, but we will never take any money from our customers until they have received an itemised bill. If there are any queries or confusion we are available both in and out of hours to discuss anything as required. If we recommend any further works, we will never proceed with those works until we have been given the explicit go-ahead from our customer.

One more thing: we do not charge a call-out fee! 


Safe Practices due to Covid-19

We have always understood the need for Personal Protective Equipment and sanitation so dealing with a pandemic has enabled us to have a head start compared to many businesses which don't work with sewage every day! That doesn't mean we haven't made changes, however, and we have taken steps to up the safety of our engineers and our customers while we work to clear your blocked drains. As well as PPE, we take heed of the 2-metre distance rules and we always insist on working in isolation when at customers homes or when working in care homes. This way we minimise the time spent with customers in person and means our engineers have made the heroic sacrifice to no longer accept cuppas or biscuits while they work!

Every cleared drain is cleaned and disinfected as standard, with utmost care being taken for your reassurance.


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