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Metro Rod jet power keeping London drainage systems free-flowing

19th June 2023

Metro Rod jet power keeping London drainage systems free-flowing

Metro Rod jet power keeping London drainage systems free-flowing

At Metro Rod Central London we support London business and residents with a full range of drain care and repair services which include

  • CCTV inspection of your site’s drainage system
  • Planned maintenance cleaning of internal and external drainage pipework
  • Tanker services to remove volumes of waste material
  • Structural repair of damaged drain pipework . Where underground drainage is involved we will, wherever possible, repair this using “no-dig” technology si as to avoid costly and disruptive excavation works

Our most common job-type, however, continues to be reactive emergency works in order to clear unexpected blockages, typically caused by the build up of unwanted matter within drain pipework, whether this be accumulations of scale, fats and grease, wet-wipes and other non-soluble materials or debris such as can result from construction works.

At Metro Rod we are operational 24/7/365 and serve Facilities Managers, Maintenance Mangers, Property Managers, business owners and residents across London.

Our skilled drainage engineers are all equipped with electro-mechanical cleaning equipment which can remove more solid materials from pipework but very often high pressure water jetting is the main technique employed in order to restore a pipe or drain to a fully free-flowing state.

High pressure drain jetting, or water jetting, sees a high pressure hose inserted into the problematic  drain and water pumped down the hose from a jetting machine inside each Metro Rod van. This creates a “jet” of water so powerful that it will usually readily break down any blockage in the pipe. Obstructions are typically broken into smaller pieces, and pushed through the pipe, drain or sewer  leaving it clean and free-flowing.

At Metro Rod Central London we use state-of-the-art drain jetting equipment to ensure your drains are free and clear again in no time.

Call us on 0203 875 6780 to discuss how Metro Rod can support you with drain care and repair in London.

Talk to you local metrorod specialist

Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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