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Drain Repair: Where the Heart Is – Metro Rod West Yorkshire

12th June 2019

Drain Repair: Where the Heart Is – Metro Rod West Yorkshire

Unblock Drains in West Yorkshire

Drain Repair: Where the Heart Is - Metro Rod West Yorkshire

Where the Heart Is was a British television family drama series, first shown in 1997, set in the West Yorkshires very own Slaithwaite in Huddersfield. The original leads were played by Sarah Lancashire and Pam Ferris, who played sisters-in-law and colleagues at the Slaithwaite Health Centre, Huddersfield. The series was filmed in the Colne and Holme valleys of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire using the real-life villages of Marsden, Golcar, Slaithwaite and Meltham. The first series was mostly filmed in Slaithwaite, however, from series 2 onwards, Marsden was used as the principal filming location (also in Huddersfield).


Can you believe that Where the Heart Is, was one ITV's longest-running TV series, was based on a health centre down the road from us here at Metro Rod West Yorkshire?


The building company who were carrying out the refurbishments contacted Metro Rod West Yorkshire to carry out a full CCTV Drain Survey due to our local, professional knowledge. A full CCTV survey was carried out along with high-pressure water jetting of the drains so a full report could be submitted. Read more on CCTV Surveys here.

In the submitted report we were able to highlight several defects, both structural and service, on the pipework ranging from root ingress to cracks to silt deposits. The refurbishment work was already well underway when Metro Rod West Yorkshire was contacted again to carry out the further recommendations.

Drain Repair in Huddersfield

We used our no dig technology to install several structural patch drain repair. No Dig Drain Repair options vary depending on the application, but they all involve inserting a liner into a drain which is impregnated with resin. The liner is moved into position, whether it is local or full length, and then inflated to give a watertight drain repair by effectively making a thin strong layer inside the existing drain. When the required cure time has elapsed, the means of inflating the drain repair is removed to restore the full drain function and integrity. Learn more about 'No Dig' Localised Structural Drain Repair (LSRs)

Top CCTV Survey Drain Repair in Huddersfield

On one section the pipework had dropped so badly due to root ingress that there was no other option but to carry out an excavation drain repair and replace a fraction of the pipe. The damage was caused due to large tap roots. By excavating the pipes we secured the pipework in place using 'No Dig' Localised Structural Drain Repair (LSRs)to make sure the pipework will not move again as the pipe is now situated in large shrubbery.

Drain Repair in West Yorkshire

The drain repair work was carried out whilst Slaithwaite Health Centre was operational with minimal disruption. Health and safety played a bit part in this operation as the health centre was up and running every day. As a company, we aim to professionally and efficiently provide a first-time fix for our customers and provide value for money whilst abiding health and safety regulations.

The series is no longer running so thankfully there was no film crew for us to get in the way of!


Are you in need of drain repair in West Yorkshire?

We are able to diagnose a potential need for drain repair by CCTV Surveys which allow our engineers to inspect the drains and decide the best solutions. The CCTV Surveys provides images of the actual damage, connecting pipework and the access to the problem area, therefore, allowing Metro Rod West Yorkshire to perform the best drain repair.

A damaged drain without drain repair can lead to worse problems if not repaired. Without drain repair, damaged drains can cause blocked drains, blocked toilets, smelly drains or in worse scenarios, leaks and flooding. To avoid blocked drains, drain repair should be carried out as soon as possible. Here at Metro Rod West Yorkshire, we can provide the best drain repair and car possible.

Collapsed pipes whether caused by frozen pipes, wear and tear or root ingress, we aim to restore your drains back to their full functionality. Following our CCTV Surveys that examine the cause and extent of the damage, our professional engineers will work efficiently to repair or replace your drains.


If you’d like more information on drain repair, and you’re in the West Yorkshire area, visit the Metro Rod West Yorkshire page to get in touch with our friendly team.

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