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Drain Survey in Central London. CCTV expertise from Metro Rod.

11th December 2019

Drain Survey in Central London. CCTV expertise from Metro Rod.

Drain problems in London, such as blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked sinks, flooding or escape of foul waste, can have many causes. For example, the following are all root-causes of problems we have resolved for our customers here in London over the past fortnight :

  • Inappropriate items flushed down toilets or entering the drains. These can be one-off "catastrophes", such as a child flushing a toy down the toilet or builders rubble blocking a gulley, or more sustained "misuse" of the kind which has been exposed by the widespread publicity around the problems caused by supposedly "flushable" wet wipes. As this recent news item explains these wet wipes can clog and block drains as they are distinctly non-soluble once introduced into your pipes.
  • Accumulation of fat,oil and grease (FOG) within drains. This is a common problem for businesses and commercial buildings where food-preparation and consumption is undertaken on the premises. Over time FOG will accumulate and giant "fatbergs" can even form in the most extreme cases. In London, the largest of these have received widespread news coverage but smaller FOG deposits also cause many blockages if appropriate pre-planned maintenance cleans of the drainage system have not been carried out
  • Build up of uric scale within pipework and soil stacks serving toilets in buildings with high-usage toilet facilities. Property Managers and Facilities Managers in London are well aware of the problems this can cause and our recent web-article highlighted this issue. Again if planned maintenance is not in place to regularly clean the drainage system in a busy building with toilet facilities problems inevitably arise.
  • Structural problems within drain pipes.....displacement of joints in the pipework, cracks or even total collapse of a drain can cause blockages, bad smells and escape of foul waste into the environment. There are many potential causes of this from subsidence to inappropriate construction/maintenance activity or even invasion of the drainpipe by tree roots.


Metro Rod Central London have the expertise to resolve and repair your drainage issue WHATEVER the root cause and what's more we undertake to do so safely, professionally and honestly day or night. However, as any doctor knows it is vital that diagnosis is correct so that the best and most appropriate remedy is applied. In drainage terms our CCTV survey capabilities are crucial in enabling us to look inside your drain pipes, both internally within your building or externally underground, to clearly examine their condition and identify the exact nature of any problem issues. The photograph above shows CCTV equipment with a crawler camera unit all set to be introduced into the drainage system and start recording the images which will be transmitted back to our drainage engineer's monitor unit. Our engineer records commentary alongside the images, noting any and all defects identified by the survey to provide a thorough survey report back to our customer. Take a look at the cracks revealed by one such survey in London as an example of the kind of findings which surveys can reveal and, in cases such as this, we are able to easily repair the defect by installing a localised "patch" to reseal the drain pipe.

Cctv Cracked Pipe


Our investment in iTouch CCTV survey equipment means we are able to provide your survey results rapidly via a weblink and we can also provide site-mapping of your drainage system as required.

Whether you are a construction professional who needs to understand the condition of site drainage, a Property Manager or Facilities Manager with a recurrent drain problem you need to understand or someone looking to purchase a new property simply contact us at Metro Rod Central London and we will be delighted to discuss this with you. Indeed contact us for ANY drainage issue in London and we'll be delighted to help you.

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