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Drain unblocking for London : Rapid and effective response

4th March 2020

Drain unblocking for London : Rapid and effective response

London Drain Unblocking Van

Drain blockages are no fun and whether you are operating a business in London, or are a resident of the capital, a rapid and effective solution will be high on your wish-list.

Fortunately Metro Rod is very much a mobile and responsive business with our team of trained and accredited drainage engineers operating from their easily recognisable green vans all around London. Whether you are running a restaurant in Camden, managing an office block in the City of London or West End, living in a flat in Dulwich or responsible for a school premises in Ealing one of our engineers will be able to reach you in rapid time. Metro Rod attend over 80% of jobs within 4 hours of our customers' contacting us to request our assistance.

When they do arrive the even better news is that a Metro Rod drainage engineer is likely to be highly effective in unblocking your drain. All our vans are equipped with both high pressure water jetting equipment and electro-mechanical cleaning equipment meaning that we can deliver a first time fix for the majority of blockages.

Common cause of blocked drains include :

  • introduction of foreign bodies, such as wet-wipes and other non-soluble sanitary products into the drainage system
  • accumulation of fats, oils and grease (FOG) from cooking activity within drain pipework
  • build up of uric scale and limescale within internal pipework

all of which will succumb to our engineers and the specialist equipment on their vans.

Drain unblocking is just one of our core services in London, which also include :

  • CCTV survey of site drainage systems
  • Pre-planned maintenance cleaning of site drainage systems
  • Repair of drains where structural defects are identified
  • Installation of new drainage assets such as grease traps, rat-blockers and non-return valves
  • Tanker services to remove quantities of liquid waste and empty tanks and voids
  • Pump installation and maintenance via our partnership with Metro Rod sister company Willow Pumps


Contact us by calling the number below or using any of these methods. We are always happy to visit your commercial site and provide an initial assessment free of charge in respect of any planned works you might be considering.

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