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Flash Floods Across Norfolk

4th June 2018

Flash Floods Across Norfolk

Area's of Norfolk have experienced flash flooding over the weekend as reported on EDP24 yesterday. Norfolk Fire Brigade received over 40 calls to attend floods with Morley, Suton, Wymondham, Spooner Row, Hellesdon, Dilham, North Walsham being the areas most effected.


Whilst Norfolk Fire Brigade have been out assisting as mentioned in the EDP news story. Metrorod Norwich have also been working along side Anglian Water to clear problems relating to flooding. Drainage systems have been overwhelmed by the amount of water that has fallen in a short space of time, the drains have been struggling as flood water pushes debris into the drains and causing blockages.

Areas with natural watercourses such as rivers and streams will be under pressure to carry away excessive water and may not cope when rain runoff creates flooding which feeds into these water courses. With it also being dry in recent days before the rain the ground is also hard and rainwater is simply not soaking away causing fields to flood and sometimes bursting onto the roads and paths.

Flash floods are unpredicable by their very nature, but as always its best to be prepared.  Here are a few pointers that may help

What to do in a flash flood

Follow flood alerts – www.environment-agency.gov.uk/flood.

Create a flood kit – this should contain essential kit and items, such as a torch, warm clothing and blankets, a first-aid kit (including any important prescribed medication), bottled water and non-perishable food. It is also advisable to put your insurance documents into this kit.

Take extra care! Don’t underestimate the danger of flood water. Just six inches of fast flowing water is enough to knock an adult off their feet and two feet of water has the power to move a car! DO NOT enter flood water unless it is an emergency and absolutely essential for you to do so. If you become stranded by flood water, do not attempt to wade through it. Contact the emergency services and await rescue and evacuation.

Find a high place – if you are caught outside when a flash flood threatens, find the highest possible ground and if you are at home, move essential items (including your flood kit) either upstairs or on top of high furniture.

Turn off gas, electric and water supplies – if your home or business is threatened with flooding, turn off the supplies, just before it enters. DO NOT touch electrical items when standing in flood water.

The aftermath of a flash flood can be devastating for homes and businesses. Only enter your property when the emergency services have confirmed that it is safe to do so. Be extra careful if there is still water standing as it can hide dangers such as structural damage, debris and contaminated waste. Take photos of the damage, most smartphones have a camera function good enough to take these photos – and contact your buildings and contents insurance company.

Metro Rod are expert drainage specialists with many years’ experience of helping both domestic customers and businesses to clean up after a flash flood has caused devastation. We can use a tanker to pump the water away from a property and use high power water jetting to clear up and unblock the drains.

If you have been affected by flash flooding Metro Rod Norwich can help. We have engineers who can help, what ever the time of day, every day and every night. Simply give us a call on 01508 535127 and find out more about all of our services including Unblocking Drains, Unblocking Toilets, Water, Gutter Clearing and Emergency Plumbing.



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