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Got Grotty Gutters?

28th August 2018

Got Grotty Gutters?

Don't Take Your Gutters For Granted..

Tucked away out of sight out of mind we rarely give our gutters a second thought.   But do you know just how important a role they play in protecting your property?

What Your Gutters Do.

Your gutters have one key function.  To capture rainwater and divert it away from the building.  It’s a straight forward role, but also an important one.  Think of your gutters as your ‘external plumbing’.  When not directed along the correct route, water can cause problems whether it’s inside or outside.

What Can Go Wrong?

The starting point for gutter problems can be summed up in one word – Blockages.  These occur in both gutters and downpipes and can be caused by debris such as fallen leaves and moss.  Another common problem is leaking gutter joints.  These occur through wear and tear or debris becoming trapped in the joint itself.  A final problem to look out for is sagging.  This can be caused by debris and standing water weighing down the gutter causing it to bow.

What Damage Is Caused?

Damp -  When not properly diverted rain water can run down walls.  Whilst at first glance this may not appear to cause a problem, over time the moisture can penetrate blockwork and lead to damp.  When this happens internal decorations become damaged, bad smells arise, the structure of your property can be compromised, and in some cases health problems can be triggered.

Broken Facias – If flow from your gutters is interrupted your facias can be exposed to standing water.  Where these are made of wood, this can ultimately lead to rot causing the board to eventually break.

Gutter Collapse – Gutters are not designed to bear the prolonged weight of debris and standing water.  Over time, joints will become weakened and screws will rust. If left un-checked the gutter can eventually collapse.

How Can I Avoid These Problems?

Good maintenance can prevent gutters becoming damaged.  It is recommended that your gutters are cleared at least once a year, ideally in late Autumn.   For some property owners this can be a fiddly task involving ladders and in some cases tricky to reach areas.  Cornwall’s Metro Rod offer a clean, cost effective and simple solution to gutter clearing.  Our Metro Vac system is a high-powered vacuum which quickly removes debris from gutters and downpipes.  Its pole has a 10-metre reach, so there is no need for ladders or scaffolding.  An on-board camera allows our engineer to not only ensure a thorough clean, but inspect for damage.  And, it’s clean, with all mess being contained within the unit and removed from the site for safe disposal.

We love living in Cornwall, but let’s be honest, it does rain a lot here.  So, why not get your gutters ready for the winter and the demands of increased precipitation! Give us a call today to arrange a no obligation quote and receive our special offer of a 10% discount.

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