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Grease Traps & Blocked Drains; What Do You Need To Know

7th June 2017

Grease Traps & Blocked Drains; What Do You Need To Know

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They can be an invaluable tool in any commercial kitchen, but what are they and what do they do? For any location with a commercial kitchen, be it a hotel, restaurant, school, hospital, airport, service station, prison or cafeteria a grease trap is a necessary piece of equipment. Each kitchen will inevitably produce fat, grease and oil (FOG) as a by-product of cooking, none of which is suited to be poured down the drains. It is also likely that in a bustling kitchen no matter how cautious the staff are, small pieces of food will also end up being rinsed down a pot wash sink drain.


Why is this an issue?


Your drains do a very good job of removing waste water, such as water that has been dirtied by rinsing pots and pans, crockery and cutlery, but they cannot handle FOG for very long, nor food waste. FOG products are notoriously slick liquid when hot or warm, but when cooled they will solidify to varying degrees. This will then coat your pipes. The more that finds its way down the sink and into the drains, the thicker the coating on the pipes and the narrower the pipe becomes. Eventually this will lead to a blockage and then the sink will be out of order until the blockage is cleared. Imagine that occurring during the height of a busy lunch or dinner period!


What can you do?


This is where a Grease Trap comes in. These handy devices sit between your sinks and the pipes that carry the waste water away to the drains. The grease trap has a basket sitting just inside it which is designed to catch any food waste scraps that find their way inside and the FOG products will float at the top of the trap. By containing the FOG and food waste at the top of the trap, the water that exits the trap on the other side will be much cleaner and clearer. This is much more beneficial to your drains, which is much more beneficial to your business overall. All you have to do is set up a schedule for us to empty the grease trap as often as is required.


Fitting around your schedule


At Metro Rod we can install a brand new grease trap if you’ve never had one, or we can replace an old grease trap that no longer seems to be working for you. Once in we can work with you to set up a maintenance schedule to empty the grease trap as often as you need and within times that suits your business. This will depend on how busy the kitchen is and what size grease trap you use as to how frequently they need to be emptied; we’ve emptied some grease traps every month, whereas others can be every 3 months or even every 6 months. We can come in an empty the trap early in the day before the kitchen gets busy, or we can come and empty it after the kitchen is closed. Whatever the needs of your business we will work with you. Another benefit to using Metro Rod is that you will not be locked into this schedule in any way; maybe you start with a maintenance schedule monthly, but we find that in fact the trap could handle 3-monthly emptying. We would feed that insight back to you and you are free to amend the schedule as needed.


Contact us today


For more information, whether you wish to set up a schedule or whether you just want to learn more about how we can help you please call us on 01869 277702 or email [email protected] or visit our website. We will be happy to set up a visit with your business to assess your needs and see how we can help you.

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