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How Does Regular Drain Cleaning Help Me?

12th September 2019

How Does Regular Drain Cleaning Help Me?

How does regular drain cleaning help me?

Blocked drains are something that most homeowners or business owners will have to deal with. Your drainage system is worked hard daily, so when foreign objects such as hair, wipes, grease and more build up in your pipes, blocked drains are bound to occur. However, by cleaning drains regularly, you can help prevent any major blockages and keep your drainage system/pipes clean and healthy.


Let's check out some of the benefits below:


Expensive blocked drains

Help prevent major blocked drains - having well-maintained drains, regularly cleaned will prevent large scale blockages. Drain cleaning will help avoid the build-up of fatbergs before they cause a serious, expensive problem. Our engineer at Metro Rod West Yorkshire can help you clean your pipes regularly and keeps your pipes in top shape with pre-planned maintenance by routinely removing build-ups.


Smelly drains

Remove odours from smelly drains - Regular drain cleaning will help remove any unwanted, leftover food that has got stuck in your drains. Trapped food can build-up and cause smelly drains as well as blockages. This includes F.O.G (fats, oils and grease). Even when you think you have scraped all the scraps from your plate, be aware that not all of it is bound to come off into the bin and still ends up down your pipes. Drain cleaning will help prevent the build-up in your pipes, therefore preventing smelly drains.

Leaky Pipes

Prevent pipe leaks and improve general drain well-being - the build-up of soap and other chemical deposits down your drains can cause your pipes to corrode. However, if you're regularly cleaning drains, this will extend the life of your existing pipes. Reducing the likelihood of corroded pipes leading to leaks. Leaks and drain repair can lead to expensive works, therefore drain cleaning can protect your bank account.


Water damage home

Prevent damage to your home and belongings - are you're suffering from blocked drains that have flooded your bathroom due to the build-up of non-biodegradable items or leaky pipes due to corrosion from soaps and chemicals? If such problems are not fixed promptly this could cause damage to your house and household belongings. As previously mentioned regular drain cleaning would help prevent such problems as corrosion/leaky pipes and blocked drains.


Slowly Draining blocked drains

Fast and more efficient drainage system - frequent drain cleaning will avoid any standing water in your drains, or drain slowly. By drain cleaning, you will have your sinks, baths and toilets draining faster than before and prevent any overflowing drains.


Are you experiencing any of the above? Smelly drains, blocked drains, slowly draining sink? It's time for some drain cleaning. If you want to try and clean your drains yourself you can:

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar
    Baking Soda and Vinegar are the most effective, home remedy cleaners that you can use for many things in your home: cleaning pots and pans with baked-on residue, freshen up the dishwasher, scrub stains from coffee mugs and unblock drains! It’s completely natural too. If you use around 1/3 of a cup of both baking soda and vinegar and mix together, this will begin to fizz, so quickly pur this down your sink. Let this sit for an hour or two then follow up with some hot water!
    Did you know you can sprinkle a little bit of baking soda at the bottom of your laundry basket can stop subdue smelly odours? Not related to unblock a drain but a good tip none the less! 


  • Baking Soda and Salt!
    Simply pour half a cup of both table salt and baking soda and pour down the drain. After 10-20 minutes follow with some boiling water and again the chemical reaction should dissolve and unblock a drain.


  • Biological cleaners are available too!
    Being environmentally friendly is very important. If you’d rather avoid chemical cleaners there are biological cleaners available too. Biological drain cleaners use enzymes to chew and battle through any blocked drains. Their power is limited in comparison to chemical heavy-duty cleaners however if you’re trying to remove hair, soap or other lighter blockages, they should do the trick.


Are your drains still blocked? Contact our friendly team at Metro Rod Bradford & Huddersfield or Leeds & Wakefield and one of our engineers will be scheduled to inspect your drains, clean your drains and restore back to how they should be.


If you’d like more information on blocked drains or drain cleaning, and you’re in the West Yorkshire area, visit the Metro Rod West Yorkshire page to get in touch.

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