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How to protect your property against flooding

5th January 2021

How to protect your property against flooding

Torrential rain over the past week has caused major flooding across Norfolk, with fire and rescue service taking in more than 300 flood related calls from countless communities and local councils needing to pull together with minimal resources to minimise damage.

Everyone thinks they have a plan until they get flooded… with flood Warnings still in place for many parts of East Anglia and flood insurance is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, more homeowners are taking responsibility in protecting their properties. Our flood protection system provide you with peace of mind that should flooding reoccur, your property and its contents will be sufficiently protected.

As no home or flood risk are the same, our simple property survey allows us to offer a range of flood defence options to suite your individual needs and budget.

Door and opening defence


Flood Barriers provide quick and simple flood protection for doorways and openings. These barriers are extremely versatile and can be customised to suite to all types of openings, from single doors to larger openings such as roller shutters and driveways.

Our standard doorway flood barriers can withstand up to 1 meter of water, they are easy to install within minutes of a flood warning being issued and do not require any permanent fixtures to your property as it has a fully adjustable bar that creates a watertight seal to prevent flood water from entering your property. When the system is not required, it can be easily removed and stored away.

Airbrick Patches/ Plates


During a flood Airbricks can let in a whopping 50 000 liters of water per hour, often causing invisible damage. This can easily be prevented by a reusable plate or a self-adhesive patch. Both of these options can be applied within minutes without the need for any tools.

Overflow Pipe Protection


Flood patches can be used to seal overflow pipes close to ground level as well as any satellite or telephone cable entry points.

Drainage protection


These seals provide protection against water and sewerage from backing up into your property through your downstairs toilets, showers and baths. These reusable devices can be installed in under a minute and allow the flood water to rise in a controlled manner through your drainage system without any spills within your property itself.

Sandless Sandbags

The most versatile option is sandless sand bags, which are a lifesaver in the event of a flood. They are easily stored and are vacuumed-packed to allow for storage anywhere. These lightweight sacks require no filling as they use the offending water to expand and create a barrier, which means that this system can be used anywhere by anyone.

Call us on 01508 535 127 to book a no-obligation, free survey by an expert Metro Rod engineer to empower yourself to protect your home or business by equipping yourself with the flood defence tools.

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