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Interesting Fact #6

6th August 2018

Interesting Fact #6

We've come a long way, during the Middle Ages, rich people built toilets called 'garderobes' jutting out of the sides of their castles. A hole in the bottom let everything just drop into a pit or into the moat.... Fast forward a few years and now everything in our homes becoming 'Smart', did you also know that 'Smart' toilets are also getting more and more popular.

We are on a quest to use less water, however innovation and improved functionality extends to toilet comfort and some toilets even includes a massage!
Toilet manufacturers employ well-trained scientists in various fields such as 'tribology coefficient of friction'. Toilet manufacturer Toto employs an amazing 1,500 engineers across a range of sciences to study human behavior and create new products and technologies.

Whether you have a smart toilet, or live in a medieval castle, all drainage systems would benefit from regular maintenance. Especially if you have a blockage or are experiencing difficulties in flushing your toilet, if you have slow draining sinks and baths or bad smells coming from any of your drains.
Metrorod Norwich can unblock and clear drainage issues in your home and place of work quickly and efficiently across the Norfolk area, we have engineers available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Simply give us a call for further assistance.
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