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London drain care gets a brand new approach …..

30th July 2019

London drain care gets a brand new approach …..

Drain Unblocking London Van

Our fleet of drainage vans has seen a substantial overhaul and update recently as we have sought to comply with the London ULEZ standards as introduced in April this year. Here we see one of a number of brand new vans we have invested in parked outside Metro Rod Central London's offices ready to hit the road and provide drain care on call. Metro Rod's new stand-out green branding proudly on display.

So why do our vans need to look like this one ?

At Metro Rod Central London the van is the key tool of our trade with each drainage engineer operating in a fully mobile fashion unblocking drains across London wherever our customers require our support.

A blocked drain, blocked toilet or blocked sink is something we resolve every hour of every day for London Facilities Managers, Property Managers, Maintenance Managers, business owners and residents. All our vans are fully equipped with powerful high pressure water jetting equipment which can quickly blast away material causing blocked drains whilst flushing out and cleaning the system to keep it free-flowing in future.

These specialist pieces of drain cleaning equipment are substantial in size and a key reason why our vans need to be the size that they are. The photograph below shows a typical "van pack" high pressure water-jetter :

London drain unblocking better


Our drainage engineers will also carry the electro-mechanical cleaning equipment which is used to send cable through internal , and sometimes external, pipework in order to grind and cut away deposits of scale, fat or other accumulated substances adhering to the inside of drain pipes and reducing their effectiveness. Below is a photograph of a typical electro-magnetic cleaning machine although these come in a range of sizes, some significantly larger than this and being used to, for example, clear large diameter vertical soil stacks or suspended underground car-park pipework :

London Drain Unblocking Emc


CCTV drain survey is another of our core services and our engineers will often send a camera-head down into a drain for a "look-see" as part of their diagnosis of a drainage problem. We also carry out fully documented and reported CCTV surveys for customers who wish to have a full appraisal of their site drainage conditions and this is a particularly important service for London construction firms. The photograph below shows typical CCTV drain survey equipment.

London Cctv Drain Survey


Of course our engineers will also carry a range of hand-tools (including our famous rods of course !), safety and clean-up equipment.

We hope that this article has given you an idea of why Metro Rod Central London vans need to be substantial in size...it's a case of big van, big effectiveness, big customer satisfaction AND big peace of mind if you are under threat from drainage problems impeding your business success or home-life.

You can contact us, and get one of our vans rolling in your direction, on the following number :

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by emailing us on [email protected]

Going to our website; www.metrorod.co.uk/local/central-london/

or connecting with Gary, our Commercial Director on Linked In

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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