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London fatberg demonstrates importance of drain maintenance cleaning

3rd March 2021

London fatberg demonstrates importance of drain maintenance cleaning

London drain unblocking


Unblocking drains in London is our core activity and our skilled drainage engineers are available 24/7/365 across the capital to resolve drainage problems for residents, Property Managers, Facilities Managers, Maintenance Managers and businesses.

One common source of blockages in site drainage systems is the build up, over time, of FOG (fat,oils and grease) which has been poured down sinks and enters the drainage system. If drains are not regularly cleaned then this will eventually inevitable cause a blockage, often with seriously disruptive effect.

FOG will also coalesce within the drain pipes with other inappropriately flushed materials such as wet wipes, sanitary items etc and this results in FATBERGS forming which have the capacity to fully block drains or, in extreme cases, even the main sewers which are the responsibility of Thames Water in London.

The fatberg described in the article above , and in this link which also includes photographs , is the exception rather than the rule, although there have been numerous similar sized examples over the years. However our drainage engineers encounter daily smaller "fatbergs" blocking smaller diameter internal pipes and external underground drains on our customer's premises .

Sites with kitchen facilities are particularly prone to blocked drains caused by FOG if site drainage is not regularly cleaned and a pre-planned maintenance programme from Metro Rod is specifically designed to ensure that your business or facility is never interrupted, or reputationally damaged, because of drainage problems.

This type of preventative approach is highly recommended in order to avoid costly disruption and ensure hygiene standards are maintained. At the same time, where an emergency does occur  and an emergency "cure" is immediately needed our drainage engineers are on hand, with high pressure water jetting and electro-mechanical cleaning equipment to clear even the most stubborn blockage.

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