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Looking for a Drainage Company in Abingdon? Consider Metro Rod!

30th April 2019

Looking for a Drainage Company in Abingdon? Consider Metro Rod!

One of the towns we cover in our Oxfordshire area is the town of Abingdon. It's located south of the city of Oxford along the river Thames and we spend a lot of time in the town, unblocked toilets, clearing blocked drains, carrying out CCTV drain surveys and more, but today we're going to get to know Abingdon a little differently!

  • A.K.A.; did you know that Abingdon is in fact a short form of the longer town name of Abingdon-on-Thames?
  • Old timer; Abingdon is one of a several towns that have a good claim to the title of being Britain's oldest occupied town. It's location as a place where it is easy to cross the Thames has made it prime real estate for centuries!
  • Archaeology in action; there have been plenty of finds in Abingdon, from Palaeolithic hand-axes to Bronze age spearheads to Iron Age coins to Medieval pottery!
  • History Tourism; for more information on the history of Abingdon and the surrounding area, curious folk can visit the Abingdon County Museum.
  • OXON or BERKS?; once upon a time Abingdon was the county town of Berkshire, though as time went on an county boundaries were altered it ended up in Oxfordshire.
  • Music; British band Radiohead were first formed in Abingdon in 1985, as its members attended Abingon school.
  • River run; the river Thames runs through Abingdon-on-Thames (hence the name) after wending its way through Oxford and nature enthusiasts and long distance walkers can challenge themselves to complete the Thames Path, a 184 mile trail following the river from it's source.
  • Lucky locks; Abingdon, Culham and Day's are locks located in the Abingdon area along the Thames, which have their own unique facilities and quirks.
  • Runway Fair; this is an annual fair that is held in Abingdon, and began as a tradition to allow labourers who had second thoughts about their masters to be able to runaway and find a new, hopefully better, master!
  • Market day; as one of the oldest towns in Britain, Abingdon has held market days for centuries, traditionally on Monday, though there are Christmas markets and craft fairs dotted through different times of the year.
  • Higher education; Abingdon & Witney college is the place to go for further education, from evening courses and adult learning, to apprenticeships and everything inbetween!
  • Science; Culham Science Centre is an ever growing site for science and new technology.


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