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Metro Rod – Clearing The Drains And Toilets of Southport

13th September 2018

Metro Rod – Clearing The Drains And Toilets of Southport

Metro Rod are proud to be the Drainage Contractor of choice in Southport!


Metro Rod have been working in the Southport area for over 30 years, unblocking drains, unblocking toilets, unblocking pipes, sinks and showers and any other related tasks to keep the drains of Southport clear and flowing freely.  We are proud to provide a genuine 24/7 emergency drainage service to any customer who requires us, be it a domestic customer, a school, the local hospital, new building sites or anywhere else our expertise is required!

How much do you know about the town of Southport?  We here at Metro Rod have put together a small fact file about the town that we are proud to serve.

Did you know:

  • Southport, located just North of Liverpool on the Irish Sea Coast, has a population of approximately 91,000 people, comparable to that of Basingstoke, Falkirk, Solihull and Bath.
  • Southport is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK!  As well as having a long sandy beach that still attracts thousands every year Southport boasts the second longest seaside pier in the British Isles which has the Southport Pier Tramway.  The sand dunes around Southport and neighbouring Ainsdale are home to Natterjack Toads and Sand Lizards.
  • Southport is host to many exciting events - it is host to the Southport Air Show, Southport Flower Show, the British Musical Fireworks Championship (see some of last years display here) as well as being host to the British Open Golf Championship at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club several times as a part of the rotation for both men and women.
  • As well as being a 'golfing capital' Southport is also home to Southport FC, Southport Rugby Football Club, it is a popular location for Kite Surfers and has a variety of water sports carried out on it's Marine Lake, including Water Skiing, Sailing, Yachting and Rowing.
  • Southport has a great little fairground, Pleasureland (or as it is also known, 'New Pleasureland') This was originally opened in 1913 and the site as it is today was reopened in 2007) - this is a major draw into Southport.
  • There are some famous faces from Southport - notably Marc Almond from Soft Cell, Frank Hampson (the creator of Dan Dare), Lee Mack the comedian and footballer Jack Rodwell all hail from the town.
  • Southport is home to an excellent drainage firm - Metro Rod!  Metro Rod are pleased and proud to keep the drains and drainage systems of a variety of customers in the Southport area clear and free flowing, from carrying out repairs to blocked toilets on domestic properties to carrying out gutter cleaning on the local schools or clearing out the car park gullies of the local hospital.  Metro Rod work on a daily basis in and around Southport keeping the drains and drainage systems on homes, businesses and building sites working well!


If you require the services of Metro Rod you can get in touch with us in a variety of ways;

You can go to our website, www.metrorod.co.uk/local/Liverpool

You can get us on Twitter or Facebook

You can call us on 0151 909 2807

or you can connect with Jenny, our Business Development Manager on LinkedIn

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