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12th December 2019


We are delighted to welcome our Business Development Manager, Mark Phillips to the Metro Rod Dorset & Portsmouth team.


Mark joins with a wealth of knowledge and experience of the drainage industry and will  add significant weight to our continuing growth plans.  Mark will be using his network of contacts and create existing ones.

During his initial few weeks here at Metro Rod, Mark will be going out with some of Senior Engineers on the Drainage Vans and Combination Tankers, observing some of the drainage services in action.  Mark will also have the opportunity in Bournemouth to see our specialist Rotary Vortex Cutter break through large sections of concrete that have solidified in drains on a new housing development, along with our Camera Crawler in action in Weymouth reaching deep in to drains to assess damage in order to recommend a solution to the client.

The Combination Tanker was real eye opener for Mark as he went round the rural parts of Dorset emptying and cleaning Septic Tanks in what's known as a 'milk run' where we schedule annual visits to properties in the same or nearby locations saving on fuel and time and therefore being able to offer customers competitive rates.  Mark was impressed with how easily the combination tanker was able to remove the build up of fat and grease from the grease traps of the many restaurants, cafes and bars we visit. This is all done regularly to avoid nasty build up and blockages.

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