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Metro Rod Liverpool Give Advice On Preparing Drains for Autumn!

13th September 2019

Metro Rod Liverpool Give Advice On Preparing Drains for Autumn!

Metro Rod Liverpool help prepare your drains for Autumn.

With the official start of Autumn here in just a few weeks (but let’s face it, the big coats and umbrellas have been out for a while!) there are a few things that you can do to prepare your drains for the potential problems that the weather and nature may throw at them! Metro Rod Liverpool are currently working with numerous clients to make sure that their drains are in the best possible condition, to minimise the chance of drainage problems occurring.

Here’s what we’re doing:


Gutter Maintenance

Summer brought a multitude of weather conditions and the rain mixed with the heat provides an ideal climate for vegetation to grow. Your gutters may well be in need of a ‘spring clean’ (in Autumn!) to get rid of anything that may have started growing in the gutters. The autumn will inevitably bring falling leaves, debris, wind and rain to our area, why not try and prevent problems before they become problems?!

We have seen in the past situations where various rodents have made their homes in guttering – again, probably something that you would not want to encourage!


Build up of debris in your gutters can cause all sorts of issues;



• Water Ingress – when leaves, debris and muck accumulate in your gutters, they can build up and block your downpipes. Then, once it starts to rain, these gutters can overflow. This can cause structural damage to your property. Water ingress can cause damp, mould and in extreme situations a weakening of the structure itself. The overflowing gutter can also leave puddles on the floor below. In cold weather these can freeze and lead to slip hazards, not ideal.

• Cracking Pipes – With the extra weight of debris and holding water this can potentially cause problems with the structure of the guttering. These can easily crack or break, another added expense that the cleaning and clearing of the gutters could possibly prevent.

The above reasons are why we here at Metro Rod in Liverpool would recommend gutter cleaning periodically. No matter the height of your gutters we have a way of cleaning them. We have the innovative Metro Vac system, we have a cherry picker and also scaffold, so we will find an ideal solution to any gutter clearance problems. The Metro Vac system means that we are able to clear guttering from ground level using our specialist equipment. The Metro Vac is a series of poles, incorporating a large ‘wet vac’ and an onboard camera. This ensures that we can clean the gutters and ensure they are clear without having to leave the ground, a great solution for areas and sites where ladders, scaffold etc could cause risks to the public.



Gutter Cleaning House Graphic



Gully Maintenance



Similar to gutters, gullies (grids) can be affected by bad weather. Wind picks up debris, and blows it towards the gullies then the rain comes and the debris (sand, leaves, twigs and so on) is washed into gullies and can cause blockages. Gullies can also encounter problems due to misuse and abuse. As an example, if a kitchen drain runs into an external gully and fat, food waste and so on get washed down the sink, these will end up in the gully and the above problems will occur again.

You can try to maintain your own gullies by:

• Regularly brushing up and disposing of debris outside your property, minimising the chance of it entering the drains.
• Ensure that only dirty water gets washed down your drains – no food, no fats, certainly no jelly (as we actually found on one site!)





Following this advice will help minimise the chances of drainage problems due to the impending Autumnal weather. However, there are always times where you will need a specialist drainage contractor and that’s where Metro Rod Liverpool’s details may come in handy!

We also carry out pre-planned maintenance on a variety of sites across the Liverpool, Warrington, St Helens, Southport, Skelmersdale, Runcorn and Widnes areas. Again, carrying out PPM works minimise the chance of a site encountering drainage problems. PPMs on these sites can include activities such as grease trap emptying, interceptor emptying and CCTV surveys of drainage lines to ensure that there are no defects or build up of substances which may lead to future drainage problems, such as grease, fat or uric scale.

If you would like some advice or information for a personalised plan for your site that would help to minimise drainage problems then please get in touch.  You can either

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