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Metro Rod means it’s “Lights, Camera, Action” in Slough drains

17th January 2019

Metro Rod means it’s “Lights, Camera, Action” in Slough drains

Drain survey Slough CCTVMetro Rod Slough provide drain surveys using the latest CCTV technology for construction companies, businesses and homeowners in Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead and all surrounding areas all year round. Blocked drains and drain maintenance are no problem for us, as our trained drainage engineers have seen pretty much every conceivable drainage issue. We have the solution to all your drainage problems whether it be a single blocked drain or blocked toilet or a more complex issue involving a damaged or defective drain,

CCTV drain surveys and inspections are extremely beneficial when diagnosing any problems or blockages in your drains. Using a remote controlled camera our drain specialists at Metro Rod Slough will be able to provide a detailed CCTV Survey of your drains and quickly and correctly  identify the cause of problems.  Whether you are noticing problems with your drains, or you need to inspect the drains on a property you are planning to buy, or whether you are a construction company keen to check the condition of the underlying drains Metro Rod Slough will always provide you with the very best in drainage solutions. There are clear benefits in obtaining a CCTV Drain Survey;

Speedy Analysis

When you encounter a problem with your drains it’s very important to get it fixed as soon as possible. If the problem is allowed to continue then issues can magnify and a small amount of pooled water, for instance, can quickly turn into a flood A detailed CCTV survey can be produced quickly and as soon as  the camera is lowered into the drain Metro Rod Slough's drainage engineer can see everything in real time on his screen.   

Furthermore we use the latest cloud-based CCTV technology to ensure our surveys are produced and available to our customers as quickly as possible. Read more here about our link with iTouch Systems CCTV technology.

Accurate Diagnosis

A speedy analysis will then lead on to an accurate diagnosis and our drainage experts can see exactly what the problem is straight away. We can then provide an effective solution for the problem, rather than making an assumption of what the cause may be. Take a look at this still of a cracked drain identified by a CCTV drain survey . A localised structural repair fixed this problem without the need for costly excavation.

Drain survey Metro Rod Reading CCTV

Cost Effective

Due to its precision and accuracy, a CCTV Survey represents value for money because it simply takes less time to solve a problem, rather than making an assumption of what the cause may be, getting it wrong and then having to pay for  repeat visits as drain problems recur.

Minimal Disruption

CCTV Surveys save a lot of time and money, and they also keep disruption to a minimum. The camera does all the work in finding the problem, so once our engineers have identified the problem, they can then simply carry out the work on a particular part of the drain, rather than carrying out a larger excavation on the whole of the drain, as they did in the case of the example photograph above

Furthermore we use the latest cloud-based CCTV technology to ensure our surveys are produced and available to our customers as quickly as possible. Read more here about our link with iTouch Systems CCTV technology.

Here at Metro Rod Slough we can assist with CCTV Drain Surveys in any circumstance. Some of the most common are ;

  • Homebuyer’s Survey – Buying a home is likely to be the single biggest financial decision in your life, the last thing you need is a myriad of underlying drainage issues that have come to haunt you through bad planning. For example, drain damage in homes is often caused by old age and tree roots from out the home, which creates blockages and causes water to leak into the surrounding soil. If this issue is not rectified, it can lead to further problems involving drain collapse and subsidence.


  • Vendor: On the other hand, if you are selling your property, you won’t want to be delayed by damaged drains being discovered during your purchaser survey.If your drainage issues aren’t fixed, you may be forced to sell your property at a lower price or you may be forced to repair these defects at your cost will little notice. In the worst case, the purchaser may even withdraw their offer.


  • Purchaser: You require the peace of mind that your dream home is not going to reveal any unexpected problems. The last thing you need is having to find money to repair damaged drains when you have already pushed yourself financially. In modern times and with general tightening of insurance policy schedules, it’s not often that your insurance company will pick up the bill in a new home if your drainage issue is suspected to be an inherited problem, especially in the absence of a survey. In fact, a drain survey is something that mortgage lenders, surveyors and home insurance companies insist on for properties over a certain age or value.


  • Build over survey: Build over surveys are carried out before and after building work. Are you planning an extension? If you are looking for an extension or conservatory on your existing property, the local water authority is going to insist that you carry out a CCTV survey if you are building over or near their assets. This ensures that: – There are no defects on the drains that will be concealed by the extension.
    – That any defects are identified and repaired prior to or during building works.
    – That building works do not cause any damage to the asset short or long term.
  • Many construction companies use Metro Rod Slough to carry out CCTV drain surveys on site for these same two reasons


  • Other commercial surveys . As well as construction companies many of Metro Rod Slough's large commercial customers will regularly have us survey their drains as part of pre-planned maintenance visits. This means any potential problems, for instance identifying build up of materials in drains, are identified and tackled before they cause problems and business disruption

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