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New investment in drain survey technology from Metro Rod in London

14th January 2019

New investment in drain survey technology from Metro Rod in London

Metro Rod Central London CCTV drain survey

Drain care and drain survey technology is constantly evolving and at Metro Rod Central London we are investing to ensure we continue to provide our customers across London with the best service possible. The days with "a man with a set of rods" would be dispatched to clear your blocked drain or blocked toilet are long gone and as well as the high pressure water jetting and electro mechanical cleaning equipment carried by all our drainage engineers we are increasingly investing in specialist drain care technology.

We recently featured our acquisition of a Picote maxi-miller and now our latest investment sees us upgrade our CCTV drain survey capabilities via the iTouch Systems cloud-based CCTV reporting system. This enables us to carry out CCTV drain surveys in London more efficiently than ever before with super-fast online delivery capability for our customers via the cloud. Our photograph above shows Metro Rod Central London's Director Allen Scriven with an iTouch systems CCTV drain survey unit which our drainage engineers can now operate on site to produce high quality reporting in real time.

Why carry out a CCTV drain survey?

There are a number of reasons why a camera survey and inspection of your drains can be desirable and construction companies,property managers,facilities managers  and private homeowners across London are all increasingly using this service.

Frequent Blockages – faults and defects in a drain line can lead to frequent blockages, flooding and inconvenience. Rapid and correct identification of the issue reduces the nuisance and risk to premises and business. A CCTV drain survey will clearly reveal the exact nature of the problem and mean that an appropriate drain repair can be carried out.

Collapse – if a collapsed drain is suspected urgent action is required to limit structural damage and possible contamination of the local environment. A CCTV survey can clearly confirm, or otherwise, meaning drain repair can proceed with confidence.

Homebuyer’s Survey – As a vendor, producing a professional report reassures potential buyers that home drainage is free from faults and defects. If defects are identified repairs can be carried out prior to valuation, avoiding delays to selling or risk of offers being withdrawn. As a buyer it is advisable to carry out an inspection prior to purchasing a new home to identify any issues , such as drain damage caused by tree roots, which can lead to drain leakage or even a collapsed drain.

Build Over Survey – This type of CCTV drain survey is carried out before and after construction works, to ensure no defects to drains or pipework that will be built over. A survey is carried out post works to record no damage was caused during alterations/construction. In London customers for this type of survey range from construction companies engaged in large developments to private residents building extensions to their homes.

With any type of CCTV drain survey where defects are identified recommendations for remedial drain repair are produced; these include blockage removal, no-dig repair, localised patch repair, drain lining, excavation and preventative measures such as rat-blockers.

Our new investment in improved service 

Metro Rod Central London  has now invested heavily in the very latest CCTV inspection equipment and software, meaning that we can provide completely transparent and virtual, real-time reports directly to you. Using iTouch Live, the data collected from site is streamed in real time to the local office for processing. In most cases, your inspection report has already progressed to the next step before our engineer has finished packing up his tools. With geography no longer a factor in terms of physically moving laptop units and CDs around, engineer time on site can be maximised to ensure surveys are completed as quickly as possible. All of this means that we are able to conclude each of our drain inspection reports more quickly than before, Each report can be delivered as soon as finalised through our live web portal, or should you prefer, we can still place a printed copy and a DVD in the post to you.

For further information about Metro Rod's CCTV drain survey services in conjunction with the iTouch system just click here .

For a demonstration of the i-Touch system visit www.itouch-live.co.uk

Username: metrodemo, Password: metrodemo

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