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Plumbing or Drainage – Know When You Need Us | Metro Rod Deeside North Wales Chester

7th September 2018

Plumbing or Drainage – Know When You Need Us | Metro Rod Deeside North Wales Chester

There is a very fine line between drainage and plumbing – knowing the difference can save you both money and time. We here at Metro Rod are here to teach you the difference! We have the capabilities, with each engineer highly trained, to tackle drainage and plumbing works. You’ll never be stuck when it comes to asking us for help at your home or business.

Wastewater issues – who do I need?

A drainage engineer is best to deal with any issues you may be experiencing with wastewater leaving your home. A common symptom of this kind of issue is normally wastewater backing up into your toilet or sink. This is commonly caused by a blockage in a pipe leading outside your home. This does now allow the wastewater to flow freely out to a gully or manhole.

Taps and plugholes – who do I need?

If you find there is a leaking tap or blocked sink, a general plumber is probably the best person for the job. Blocked U-Bends or traps are a common issue within homes. Our top tips for keeping your drains clean can be found here, we also show you how to clean your trap DIY style. Leaking taps are normally a seal issue or an after effect or poor installation. This may mean the need to buy parts.

Metro Rod Drainage Engineer

Metro Rod Drainage Engineer

Sewer drains issues – who do I need?

If you have sewer or wastewater drain issues outside your home but it’s still on your property (i.e. in your garden) you will need the help of a drainage engineer. We have specialist equipment to remove lids from manholes and gullies to access these and ascertain the root of the issue. From here we can use a variety of equipment including EMC (Eletcro-Mechanical Clearing) and High Pressure Water Jetting to remove the blockage. Plumbers do not usually carry this kind of equipment.

CCTV Surveys – who do I need?

A camera survey may be required to investigate further into the pipework. Surveys allow engineer to view the pipework internally to view and damages or defects in the drains. A drainage engineer is best to undertake these kinds of works. They will be specially trained to use this kind of equipment.

It’s also possible to use a smaller type of camera called a Seesnake to view any damages from the toilet pipework.

Simply, a plumber is best suited to deal with water pipes issues in the home. If you have issues with Wastewater and sewage pipe internally or externally this is the kind of work for a drainage engineer. There are always exceptions to the rule. However we at Metro Rod can do both!

We at Metro Rod can provide you solutions for both plumbing and drainage issues. If you’re still not 100% sure who you need to attend your property or business, ask one of our helpful office staff who will be able to assign you with the correct engineer for the job.


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