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Pre Planned Maintenance

4th September 2019

Pre Planned Maintenance

What is Pre-Planned Maintenance?

Pre-planned maintenance (PPM) is a service agreement that is put in place to ensure the assets in your business are complying with regulations and preventing emergency call outs. PPM’s are usually completed every 3/6 or 12 months.

What PPMS we offer?

Grease Traps – a grease trap collects grease, oils and fats and reduces the amount of these substances that flow into the main drains. Grease traps can prevent blockages, foul odours and pest infection however they do need to be emptied at regular intervals (normally 3-6monthly)

Septic Tanks – A septic tank sits underground and treats domestic wastewater. These need to be emptied when they reach a certain fill level.

Interceptors – Interceptors filter contaminated water to allow wastewater to be discharged safely into the main drain. Once, the contaminants reach a certain level this needs to be extracted and cleaned.

Roof and Gutter Cleans – Gutters and roofs are often blocked with anything from falling leaves and small branches to bird faeces and litter. It is beneficial to jet the rainwater pipes and gutters from time to time (normally 6months to annually) to maintain a free flow. If roofs and gutters are kept clean there is less potential for blockages and flooding to be caused.

Drain and Pipe Cleaning – Foul and surface water pipework can become clogged and even broken due to waste and debris flowing through the drain. As drainage experts our engineers have seen everything from wet wipes, bricks, children’s toys and even toothpaste tubes stuck in drains. It is a good idea to maintain the flow of your drains by completing a periodic wash through to clear debris and prevent build up.

Urinal descales – urinals and toilets often get clogged due scale build up in the pipework. Keeping on top of the scale reduces potential flooding and blockages but also reduces our engineers time on site to clear as over time scale builds up into layers and hardens. The less layers – the less jetting is required.

What our customers say about Pre-Planned Maintenance.

Janine Ingle – FM – Argos

“ A few benefits really, the first one is to extend the life of an asset for as long as possible. Secondly, to identify and rectify minor faults before they become major issues which could be expensive to repair or be significant disruption to the operation.

The third benefit is a Health & Safety one. We have obligation to maintain our site and our equipment to a safe standard for our colleagues. And if someone does have an accident onsite, PPM reports are a good way to demonstrate that we are taking this responsibly seriously and do proactively maintain plant and equipment rather than just wait for something to fail and potentially become a hazard.”

Debbie Ashcroft – Metropolitan

“I would say the most beneficial part of having a PPM done is that the drains are kept in good working order with no major blockages and of course I get the pleasure of seeing your lovely engineers.”

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Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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