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Problem Damp?

18th October 2018

Problem Damp?

Does Your Property Show Signs Of Damp?


Let’s be honest, here in Cornwall it rains … a lot!  It’s therefore not surprising that properties here can suffer from damp.

Condensation and rain penetration are major contributors to problems, but did you know faulty drains can also lead to damp?

If your walls are showing signs of damp, there are a few simple checks which may help identify the source of the problem.

Steps To Consider..


  • Check gutters and downpipes for signs of damage or blockage. Standing water can result in damp patches.
  • Are your drains blocked or clearing very slowly? Backed up water can cause problems.
  • Are your drains damaged or cracked? Faulty seals, leaks and broken joints can all cause water to escape which in turn can cause damp.


Areas Prone to Problems.


Extra attention should be paid to bathrooms and kitchens as this is where drainage problems are most commonplace.  Showers, sinks and baths all require fully functioning pipework to ensure waste water is properly removed.  Blockages, broken seals or faulty plugs in these areas can all cause damage.


Need Further Help?


If you have concerns about damp in your property don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Cornwall’s Metro Rod.  We will be happy to offer advice, and our fully qualified engineers have the necessary tools at their disposal to diagnose the cause of the problem.  Repairs are often a lot easier and faster than you’d think with our no-dig linersBlockages can also be cleared using high powered jets or electro-mechanical cleaning.


For free advice or a no obligation quote give our Truro office a call on 01872 870918.


Talk to you local metrorod specialist

Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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