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20th March 2022


Want the peace of mind that your pump stations are being well looked after, then a Metro Rod maintenance plan is for you.

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Pump Maintenance 

After installing a pump Metro Rod recommends putting together a complete maintenance plan as this will help reduce emergency call outs and future costs. When you have an efficient working pump system in place, it can be easy to become complacent and ignore maintenance checks, however, we recommend you have your station checked at least twice a year. 

It’s very important to carry out regular pump maintenance to keep them running efficiently. As the pump provides the pressure needed to move fluids up the main sewer lines, if they begin to fail or become blocked it can cause waste water to overflow. This would obviously be greatly inconvenient for any business or home, so by checking your pump regularly will reduce this risk.

The regular cleaning and checks can take place at a time that suits you, and we recommend this happens every 3-6 months depending on the size of the pump and the frequency of use. When creating a plan, our specialist pump engineers will get to know your business to ensure the timings and details of the plan are tailored to your requirements.

Pump Repair Services

Pump station breakdowns can cause huge amounts of inconvenience and disruption to your working day. When a fault occurs, a quick response is required to address any issue or underlying problem such as a failed pump, failed control system component or blockage. A pump repair may be required if you experience foul smells or a build-up of waste in the pump chamber. There are numerous things that can cause your pump stations to fail, including; 

  • Debris or fat, oil and grease built up in the pump chamber
  • A blockage in the pipes leading to the pump chamber
  • Wear and tear on the pump

If you do have a fault with your pump station then an engineer can be on site as quickly as possible to carry out the inspection and repairs necessary. Identifying the cause is key to ensuring the problem is resolved. Over time the natural wear and tear of use can mean that parts of the pump will need replacing. Our engineers can quickly resolve the problem and fit the required parts to ensure your pump station is running in optimal working condition.


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