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Pump Maintenance Service

15th September 2021

Pump Maintenance Service

Above all, Metro Rod have a wide range of pump services that can cater to your every need. Through our sister company, Willow Pumps, we can also provide pump station design and commission services to private or adoptable standards.


Pump Station Maintenance Services

Pump Maintenance Service Plan

Routine pump maintenance plans ensure regular cleaning and checks take place at a time that suits you. Therefore, minimising disturbance to your home or business. These regular services can help prevent unexpected costs. Every 3-6 months we recommend our services, depending on the size of the pump and frequency of use.

Included in Pump Maintenance Service

Throughout the maintenance check, our engineers will examine the pump for leaks, oil levels, cleanliness, and the condition of the control panel. The maintenance prevents blockages and identifies causes for concern before they become an issue that causes disruption.

Pump Station Repair Services

Bad smells and a build-up of waste are signs that your pump may need to be repaired. Identifying the cause ensures the problem gets resolved. The pump station may sometimes require replacement parts that can range from float switches to guide rails. Our engineers can quickly resolve the problems and fit the new part consequently, ensuring the pump station runs at the best working condition.



Pump Station Installation Services

We also offer pump stations designed specifically for your property where we can support the project from initial design to installation to maintenance. By creating the technical submission, we can ensure your development is designed to meet all your requirements.



Pump Station Repairs

Causes of Pump Station Failures

Pump station faults can be identified by the warning light or alarm on the control panel. There can be multiple causes for faults, for example:

  • Float faults
  • Debris, fat, oil, or grease built up in the pump chamber
  • Electrical faults
  • Blockage in the pipes leading to the pump chamber
  • Wear and tear on the pump
  • Rust and corrosion

Pump Repair Services

If there is a fault in your pump station, we will be on-site quickly to identify and fix the issue. All our engineers are trained to the highest standards and as a result, have the ability to get the job done and provide tailored solutions which can help maintain your pumping station.


Pump Station Design Services

In conclusion, Metro Rod and Willow Pumps can support your pump station project from the initial design stage straight through to installation. Working with mechanical & electrical (M&E) consultants, we can create the plans needed to ensure your development meets all the requirements. Our experienced team are available to carry out site visits before design and installation if required.


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