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Sewer Secrets – The History of your Drains | Metro Rod Deeside Chester North Wales

31st July 2018

Sewer Secrets – The History of your Drains | Metro Rod Deeside Chester North Wales

Good Afternoon Class! Well last week saw us at Metro Rod Deeside give you a little technology lesson with our Tanker Services (take a look here) this week we are here to give you a History lesson! You may or may not have seen in the news today about Scotland’s new ‘super sewer’ project officially taking off today (if not you can find the article here) there’s also been a documentary on London’s 5 Billion Pound Super Sewer on BBC Two (We’d recommend giving this a watch, it’s actually really interesting from an engineering point of view). So it’s safe to say drains have been a big part of the country’s news lately.

Let’s delve into a bit of History on your drains shall we? Many people know that our sewer systems as we know them today were first introduced to us in the Victorian era, courtesy of a gentleman named Joseph Bazalgette. Ain’t he a handsome chap?


Joseph Bazalgette - The Godfather of Modern Sewer Systems

I'm sure if Metro Rod would have been around back then they would have called us first though.

The river Thames was becoming a danger to people’s health with raw sewage being released into it daily. The Thames was also the city’s main source of drinking water. The year 1858 came and along with it ‘The Big Stink’. The raw sewage that had accumulated in the Thames flooded the city with a disgusting smell of foul waste. Mr Bazalgette was brought in to create a sewer system which would relieve the river. He created a system which redirected the raw waste to sites where the waste could be dealt with properly. Sites such as the Cathedral of Sewage below.


Abbey Mills Pumping Station 742

Abbey Mills Sewer Pumping Station - Stratford, London


Pumping stations like these would pump the waste along the sewer lines and to its final destination at local waste treatment plants. The original Victorian sewer system is still used today. With 82 miles of intercepting sewers, as well as a further 1,100 miles of street sewers underneath London’s streets and along the embankment of the Thames. This original system was designed to take waste for up to 2 million people, but now London’s population has grown to over 9 million and the sewers are struggling to keep up. This is where the new Super Sewers are coming into play.


How do these sewers affect you?

Every day massive amounts of waste fill our sewer systems which are filtered into by smaller drainage systems from households across the UK.

When you break it down to a smaller household/community drainage system, building something like a bigger range of pipework sometimes just isn’t possible. Thus proper maintenance of fresh and foul drains is where we at Metro Rod come in!

Should you find yourself with issues such as manholes overflowing from a blockage or backed up toilets and sinks we can jump to the rescue to clear that pesky poo away. We provide a range of solutions in order to clear any blocked drains. We pffer High Pressure Water Jetting which allows us to jet away at blockages to clear them. Along with dispatching our Tankers for larger volumes of blocked drains which need our attention.

Class dismissed, see you all next week!

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