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Smelly Drains and How to Fix Them – Metro Rod Manchester

24th March 2019

Smelly Drains and How to Fix Them – Metro Rod Manchester

At Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield, we receive jobs directly relating to smelly drains on a weekly basis, with odours rising up through the drainage system back through into a customer’s property. Foul smells in your property are often the first warning sign that you have drainage issues and this is by far the best time to act.

They will nearly always be noticed most in and around kitchen or bathroom areas, where smells protrude through sinks and plug holes back through your property. Smelly drains however, are the lesser of the (drainage) evils, as these will cause much less stress than raw sewage/foul waste backing up into your sinks, toilets, showers etc.

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How To Fix a Smelly Drain

We at Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield want you to know that if or when you encounter smelly drains, we are on hand 24/7 to assist with the cleaning and clearing of your drainage outlets. Before calling us a last resort, it’s useful to understand what causes smelly drains, and how you can prevent them moving forward.


Smelly Drain Manchester Macclesfield


But what are the causes of smelly drains?


  • Resting waste

Under a sink, shower tray, or bathtub for example, you will nearly always find what’s known as a U-bend or P-trap. Due to the shape of this, if you put food waste down your sink, it can easily get caught and be restricted from migrating through the drainage system. Over time, this will start to gather more mass whilst continuing to rot, causing very unpleasant, smelly drains. In a trap underneath a shower or bath, hair can often accumulate, along with soap – again which will rot over time leading to those foul smells.


  • Partial blockages

Similarly to resting waste, partial blockages can have extra waste accumulate around them. Slow draining facilities could mean that you have a partial blockage. If you have facilities that are slow to drain, even if they aren’t causing much of an issue, it is definitely worth having them checked and cleared so that smellier problems don’t occur at a later date.


  • Poor quality materials

It isn’t uncommon for us at Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield to come across parts that are comprised of poorly used and unsuitable materials. These parts within the drainage system can gradually rust, or decay. Over time, foreign materials such as food waste, oils, soap etc. can be absorbed into the decaying material, which given enough time, will lead to smelly drains.


  • External blockages

Despite a blockage occurring further down the line, outside of your property, this doesn’t mean that those smelly drains won’t impact the interior of your property. Blocked external drains can be caused by a host of different objects such as unflushable items like wet wipes, paper towels and sanitary items. They can also be caused by things out of your control, such as a build of silt or leaves, and in more serious cases, tree roots coming through a fracture in a drain pipe. Blockages mean that the flushable things such as human waste and toilet paper can’t migrate through the system as they should be doing. If they get stuck along with the blockage, smelly drains may very well ensue.


smelly drains, Metro Rod, Manchester, Macclesfield, Stockport

(Pictured: a Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield engineer carrying out high pressure water jetting on blocked drains)


How can you prevent smelly drains?


  • Avoid misuse and abuse

First things first; only put degradable materials down your drains i.e. toilet paper and human waste. Wet wipes, paper towels, sanitary items, fats, oils and grease and food etc. will not break up in your drainage system. Avoid this, avoid smelly drains, and avoid having to call Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield to rectify inevitable problems.


  • Baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice

A good habit to get in to is putting baking soda and vinegar down your plug holes on a fairly regular basis. Start by putting a few teaspoons of baking soda down into the drain and leave it for 10 minutes or so. Follow this with a cup of vinegar and leave for another 10 minutes whilst the frothy chemical reaction occurs. This will help break up any unwanted bits that are already down there. Finally, you can pour lemon juice along with hot water down to rinse it through and give off a scent that won’t burn your nostril hairs!



Be sure to bin items that aren't flushable to avoid smelly drains!

If you have tried the above and smelly drains still persist, give Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield a call. We’re on hand 24/7/365 for these kind of issues and are happy to help.

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