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Smelly drains in Reading & Berkshire ? Sorted !!

2nd July 2019

Smelly drains in Reading & Berkshire ? Sorted !!
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A blocked drain can generate a really unpleasant odour and the recent hot weather in Reading and surrounding areas has resulted in an increase in call-outs for our drainage engineers arising from bad smells. Whether in a business or residential setting the problem is unpleasant and needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively.
But how do you identify what it is that’s caused the blockage or a smelly sink? As in doing this you can get to the root of the issue and get to work eradicating it. Our engineers   have been eliminating bad smells from drains in Reading and all surrounding areas across the Thames Valley, from Slough, Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead in the east through Reading, Woodley,Newbury, Marlow and Henley and across to Marlborough and Swindon in the west.

Bad smells INSIDE your property from smelly drains ?

The most commonly-blocked drains are those in kitchens and bathrooms and the cause could typically be a result of any of the following:

A blocked or faulty wastepipe – A wastepipe that is blocked and not doing its job properly is usually the cause of a smelly sink drain and blockages of this kind generally come about as a result of a build-up within the drain pipe from organic waste i.e. food, cooking fat, hair or grease. Pouring food waste, particularly fats, down a sink will, ultimately, inevitably result in a build up of this waste within the system and a gradual reduction in the effective diameter of your waste pipe as the fats build up within the pipe and solidify.

Improper use of appliances – What else can be causing a bad smell within your premises ? It could simply be down to appliances which drain water. Bad odours can occur when you don’t look after these appliances and a natural build-up of lime scale or even simply  fluff from clothes occurs. This kind of blockage can generally be attributed washing machines, since it’s more likely that fluff and clothing threads can get into the wastewater pipes from here.
Dishwashers can also cause problems. Make an effort to scrape out any food debris as regularly as possible as bits and pieces left to sit in the dishwasher can only block the wastewater pipes later down the line.
If you have bad smells coming from your drain – whether from your toilet, shower or sink – there are a few things you can do :
Avoid Putting Food Waste and Fats Down the Drain – Doing so is a sure-fire way to clog your drains.
Routinely Clean and Maintain the Pipes – For example remove the U-bend pipe once a month, cleaning it thoroughly before reassembling. In high usage commercial premises a pre-planned maintenance programme from Metro Rod Reading will mean that your site drainage systems are regularly cleaned at an interval appropriate for your premises. For instance a restaurant site in Reading might need a maintenance visit every 6 months to ensure it’s kitchen sinks continue to flow freely. A large town centre office block in Slough or Swindon might need an annual visit to descale the toilet urinal pipework and avoid bad smells and problems from blockages.
Our high pressure water jetting and electro-mechanical cleaning equipment means that we can clear any type of blockage from any drain, whether internal pipework, external underground drains or surface channel drainage, We are the Reading-based experts at dealing with blocked drains causing bad smells in your business premises or house.
At Metro Rod Reading we offer a free site assessment to ensure that we devise and agree a pre-planned maintenance programme which is right for any particular commercial or high-usage site. As a Metro Rod Reading customer you are recognised as having individual and unique drain care needs.
Bad smells OUTSIDE your property from smelly drains ?

Does the blocked area fall within the boundaries of your property ? If so then it is your responsibility to sort the issue out , even if the problem is outside the actual building itself. A professional drainage services team from Metro Rod Reading can carry out a CCTV drain inspection if required to diagnose a particularly stubborn problem, as well as routinely clearing a blocked drain using high-powered and efficient high pressure water jetting equipment. All Metro Rod Reading vehicles are fully equipped with this technology.

If the blockage exists in a public sewer which falls outside anyone’s property on the street you live on you may need to involve your Water Company, for example Thames Water. If in doubt don’t worry…just call us at Metro Rod Reading and we will be able to advise and help you.

Lastly there is always the chance that your bad smells might not just be down to a blocked drain but rather be the result of a structural defect, or a breakage caused by subsidence, corrosion or perhaps damage from tree roots or even rodents. It’s important that you get to the bottom of the issue as quickly as possible to minimise stress and costs. Again……simply call us at Metro Rod Reading and we will be able to diagnose and resolve your issue WHATEVER the problem.

Don’t put up with bad smells !   Things will only get worse !!   Contact Metro Rod Reading via any of the methods below to ensure you can eradicate that bad smell :

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