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Storm Hannah Causes Drain Problems Across Liverpool & Warrington | Metro Rod

29th April 2019

Storm Hannah Causes Drain Problems Across Liverpool & Warrington | Metro Rod

After the glorious Easter weekend that we all enjoyed last week with record breaking temperatures Storm Hannah came along and ruined it all for us!


Autumn Leaves 2


Easter weekend was beautiful and as a result many trees and bushes had blossomed and flowered but with the heavy rains and wind brought to our region by Storm Hannah most of the blossom and leaves have now been blown off.  The petals need to go somewhere and the amount of calls that Metro Rod in Liverpool have received regarding surface water flooding, full gullies and overflowing gutters this weekend we can guess that this is where a lot of them have ended up!


Metro Rod Can Help!


If leaves, petals and other debris have entered your drainage system over the past few days and started to cause problems, putting it in simple terms they need to be removed or they will keep causing problems!  Metro Rod have the skills, equipment and the engineers to help you do this.  If you have external gullies (grids) that are full of debris it can be tempting to try and remove the debris yourself but just be a little bit careful - especially if your gully is accessible to other people.  Our engineers have found objects such as weapons and needles in gullies and thankfully we use 'gully grabs' to remove debris and other associated rubbish in gullies.  We also have jetters that can provide High Pressure Water Jetting and cameras to put down the gullies, ensuring that all obstructions are removed and that the gully is free flowing again.


If you have a full and overflowing gutter then you should consider gutter cleaning.


Gutter Cleaning House Graphic


As can be seen on the above graphic, a gutter full of dirt and debris can cause all sorts of problems for your home and so getting them emptied would be advisable, especially if they are already overflowing at times of rain.


Metro Rod use the innovative Metro Vac system for gutter cleaning.  The Metro Vac ensures that we can reach gutters up to 10m high without the need for ladders and scaffold which can be a health and safety nightmare in the wrong situation!  The Metro Vac has an on board camera and is a highly powered wet and dry vacuum system, meaning that all of the debris can be quickly and easily removed from gutters and the results can be seen on the camera.  This system also means minimal mess on your property which is always a brilliant bonus!


Gutter Cleaning


Storm Hannah may have ruined the weather last weekend but don't let drainage problems ruin any other weekends over the summer!


If you need Metro Rod for any drain problems, internal or external, big or small then please get in touch.

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